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[HARDWARE MOD] Convert Clevo P570WM/Sager NP9570 to 3D version (P570WM3)

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If you purchased your notebook with 120hz LCD then you have a good chance to convert it to 3D model. all you need is an internal 3D emitter, wires with connectors and 3D glasses.

however even your LCD is not 120hz you can always replace it with 120hz LCD.

The 120hz LCD used in CLevo P570WM3 is LG Display LP173WF2 / LGD02C5.

3D emitter : I used Asus Part NO. 04G230081001 , you can choose whichever brand you want as long as they are Nvidia and starts with 942-10863-0000-xxxx

3D glasses : nvidia 3d glasses v1 or v2, I got v2 from ebay (just the glasses not the whole kit)

3D emitter cable : the part number for dell cabe is DC020017100 which can be purchase from Ebay , if you got lucky you can find 3D emitter with the cable, but it required good search skill :)

Main board side cable : Micro JST 1.25mm 5-Pin

Then you should connect the 3D emitter cable to Micro JST connector on the MB side which you can find the pinout in the images below.

and flash the system Bios with 3D version which can be find on Premamod site, thanks to Prema.

At the end you should thank Prema.

3D emitter :


3D emitter cable:


Main board side cable:


Mainboard header:


wiring :











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I have a p750wm with the 1080p 60Hz screen just wanted to know how difficult it would be to connect a 120hz through the eDP port. I have opened to see the port isn't there but there is the eDP solder point. in the service manual it shows the LVDS and edp port both so would that mean that if I solder an edp port on would it work?

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I have a p570wm with 120hz Display and would like to do the mod.


I don't get where to put those loose Cables from the Mainbord header in to ?  Do they need to be soldered ?


Should I update the bios before doing the mod or doesnt it metter ?


Kind regards


Please help me here.

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