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Getting a 770M to work in a Medion Erazer X7817 (MS-1762), need a suitable BIOS!

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I am trying to get a GeForce GTX 770M to work in my Medion Erazer X7817, which is an MS 1762 barebone with a 3610-QM CPU, 16GB RAM, and originally had a 670M inside but that has died, so I decided to go for an upgrade.

The initial problem is that when I start up the laptop with the 770M installed, it isn't being shown in Device Manager. Not even as a Standard VGA Adapter, only Intel HD Graphics 4000 is present. Thus I cannot install any drivers. NVflash won't detect it either (though I'm pretty sure it's an MSI card, the card itself is green and the seller I bought it from stated it was for both Alienware and MSI 16F3 1763 1762 16F4). Though I know the card isn't dead because the fans don't speed up to 100% after startup, which normally happens when there is no card or a dead card present.

So I came to the conclusion that I might need to update my BIOS, but I can't seem to find the right one. I've tried the latest X51 BIOS and the original 30P MSI bios, but when I tried to flash both of those with afudos I got:

Error: ROM file ROMID is not compatible with existing BIOS ROMID.

So obviously I was trying to flash the wrong BIOS.

Basically I need the latest BIOS for my laptop, one that will add support for my new graphics card.

I know many users are having similar issues, which is very reassuring since I'm not the only one.

My laptop: http://www.notebookinfo.de/produkte/medion-erazer-x7817-md-98186/30014555/00012213/

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I figured this out myself, haha!

Flashed the E1762IMS.30P BIOS and the 1762EMS2.503 firmware using the /x parameter in AFUDOS onto the laptop (Use -e for the firmware), card showed as a Standard VGA Adapter, installed driver and it worked! Solved by myself! :P

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