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$300 Alienware Graphics Amplifier [Discussion]

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For 50$ you will not have the same quality and bandwidth. Are you talking about the PE4L?

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Hello people!

I'm on my way to start an egpu projects. Now I have gdc beast v8 with dell da-2 and also I borrow from a friend an alienware graphic amplifire.

As dell says it is external pci-e port I started research as it is all in one egpu solution designed to be maximum user friendly if you have alienware laptop.

But i'm wondering that it has fancy port and cable for connection which makes it unusable with not alienware laptops.

But I think it's cable and port is just mini pci-e port but with strange shape.

As it comes with 460 watt power supply and it's plug and play it is good solution with nice build quality I think it's possible to change it connection to some sort

as gdc or pe4 are using to make it plug and play.

For now i stuck with pin layout of its connector...

I was looking for spare cable to cut it in one end and try to solder it to a mpci-e connector but I could not find one on the internet. It only comes with amplifire.

I need someone to help me with this project. I'm from Ukraine and i'm limited by my location very much.

We don't have a lot of stuff on local market and only way to search is google. But I could not find anything at this time.

As I have an amp which is not mine I cant do much in modding but I can do photos and experiments.

I cant purchase whole setup at the moment because it's expensive. But if someone can help me finding the cable for it it will be half of a job.

I have skills and tools for soldering smd rework and programming so if I will be able to make a working connector it would be a grate egpu solution.

Also if some one can provide me any technical documentation like service manuals pin layout etc. It would be grate either.


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@code9523: It would be a great eGPU solution crippled from x4 3.0 to x1 2.0 as your only way of connecting is either ExpressCard or mPCIe. I don't think it's worth the effort but that's your decision. Taking into account that it's not sure if it's even possible to create an adapter.

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