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Pushing an i7 920xm to new levels by increasing the CPU core voltage

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dear svl 7 Its lots of time flowed when this post written..... but I have some several question about SETFSB software.

When I saw this post and I got some information about setfsb so I donate and gets some mail to developer..

but developer said they can't support my ID but I'm using same as yours (m15x)

I don't know Why I am not supported.... do you know Why?

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Hello Svl7,

I'm curios: is this mod also capable for the 940XM? Can I use the same pins as for the 920XM shown in your post?

Thank you in advance.

With kind regards,


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Yes it will work! Beware however. Do not underestimate how much heat this puts out. +200mv is a huge increase in power and therefore heat! 


You will have to modify the cooling system significantly to use the chip for extended periods at this voltage and forget 100% load for extended periods. 


Also it isn't possible to use another VID. I tried them all. Only vid 4 works. I tried multiple other vids on 2 different 920xm's that ran at different voltages with no luck. 


Finally as svl7 states in the guide it is important to measure your chips voltage before modding. No chip is the same and the difference between chips can be big.

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I would like undervolt my 920xm could somebody give me an instruction how to do it with that cpu pls.

or where I can find VID datasheet for that socket so then I could do it myself.


Thanks in advance

Edited by artamis
Found it:D

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