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petition to Lenovo to release unemcombered BIOS

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There is an existing petition to have Lenovo release an unemcombered version of their BIOS located on Change.org

h t t p s : //www.change.org/p/lenovo-release-an-unencumbered-version-of-the-bios.

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Petitions rarely ever do anything. I bet you the only way this will ever happen is if we, as consumers, refuse to buy from Lenovo. However, in the meantime, we have the Modded bios that (from what I've heard) works well!

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Will sign. I find it infuriating to not be allowed to have control over my own laptop because Lenovo thinks they know what's best for me. It's a shame that they make such accesible hardware and impose ridiculous conditions on it. I hope they listen to the petition or I will never buy from them again..

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Agent349, I don't htink it's necessarily that they think they know better. I know how it sounds but really it seems like it comes down to trying to limit customer-caused hardware failures by limiting the accepted hardware. Yes, it's stupid. No, they shouldn't do it. Sadly we still have to deal with it at this point. Going to go sign.

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I do not think this petition will change Lenovo's marketing strategy. Maybe they change their thoughts when someone presents real statistics over customers satisfaction.

IMHO they think with this restriction they will sell more products. In this case they should create laptops in one solid cast, everything glued.

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It'll only take a minute of your time to sign. Maybe it won't help, but if you don't sign,- for sure nothing will happen.

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I think is better to file a letter to EU comission for fair concurency, and explain to them that Lenovo is actively blocking various manufacturers products to be used in their laptops.

If they get an injuction on selling their all laptops in Europe, maybe they will stop with whitelisting the ports.

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