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mydigitalssd sc1 vs sc2?

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Looking at getting the mydigitalssd for my y510p.

Anybody know difference between the supercache 1 and supercache 2?

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the only thing I could find was from the website itself:

"Super Cache 2 | 42mm SATA III (6G) M.2 2242 NGFF SSD | PHISON S9 Controller | FNet HybriDisk Software License CodeMyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 SATA III/6G M.2 Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) solid state drives are designed to boost performance in today's compact size ultrabooks, notebooks, and tablet PCs while using less power to preserve battery life on the go.

Smaller and thinner than their mSATA counterparts, Super Cache 2 M.2 NGFF SSDs maximize mobile device applications performance when used in tandem as a cache drive with a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) in any mobile PC or NAS appliance that has an available M.2 slot.Featuring low density high queue depth read/write speeds of the PHISON S9 controller with a SATA 6Gb/s interface, these space saving drives provide sufficient storage space for loading an OS to alternatively serve as a bootable drive without having to spend big money on a high capacity SSD main drive with similar performance. The Super Cache 2 fills the void of an affordable high speed/high capacity SSD that can match the speed of high end SSDs, making them the perfect solution for next generation mobile computing.'

SATA M.2 SSD | Solid State Drives | MyDigitalSSD.com

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I have had the super cache 2 for about 3 and a half months and its really fast. When i bought it it was $100 but now it has dropped to about $80. I also saw that now there is a new SSD by a company called transcend and it has 256gb capacity and is only $135. MyDigitalSSD has also released a super eco ssd that is supposed to be as fast but more efficient on energy.

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