I'm running a recently cleaned Y510 (modded BIOS) with 4700MQ with TG Kryonaut on both CPU and GPU.

I set the CPU on XTU to 36x/35x/34x/34x @ -0.100v, Cache 36x @ 0.065v.

In games, It starts with 3.4 GHz and after sometime it drops to default 2.4 GHz.

On Prime95 v29.4 b8, It starts with 3.0 GHz (45w / Current Limit), and after 4.5 minutes it reaches 90°C, and the clock reduces to 2.4 GHz, and it stays stable. I stop the test after 15 minutes.

While I am trying to solve the Current Limit issue, I just brought a CPU Exhaust to (try) reduce the temps.


UPDATE: The Exhaust really works, at Prime95 the throttle jumped from 4.5 minutes mark to 6 minutes (it goes reasonably for 5 minutes, then the temps go crazy). 1 minute after hitting the 90°C throttle the temps go down to 69°C, allowing the clock to go up to 3.0 GHz again.

1) Using only Prime95: I run it for ~30 minutes, totally stable. The temps vary between 69°C (3.0 GHz kicks in) and 90°C (2.4 GHz throttle).

2) Using only GPUz Stress tool: After 15 minutes running the test, the CPU is stable at 3.45 GHz @ 69°C, and the GPU is stable at 59°C.

3) Prime95 and GPUz without the Exhaust: The CPU reaches 90°C and the GPU reaches 97°C, both start to trottle (the CPU goes even down to 800 MHz) and after 8 minutes the PC shutdowns.

4) Prime95 and GPUz with the Exhaust: I ran the test for 15 minutes. The CPU was stable at 2.40 GHz @ 72°C, and the GPU was Stable at 64°C.


UPDATE 2: After some test, and I figure out that the clock limit to my setup is 2.80 GHz (28x on 4 cores) during Prime95 Max Temp stress test, where the CPU maintain the clocks between 84°C ~ 86°C without throttling. If I set the multiplier to 29x, it reaches 90°C and throttles.

I still have to make some tests in games and with a external GPU (the internal GPU being totally disabled).