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[SOLUTION] Y510p Speaker cracking sound | TouchPad not stable

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Alright, so I had problems with my Y510p for some time now. I've had 3 main problems:

1. CD/DVD drive that I got with it wasn't working. It would only read CDs and not DVDs. Anyways, I replaced it with HDD bay so that's not a problem anymore. (and it's cheap anyways)

2. TouchPad: Some of you (Y410p/Y500/Y510p) might have this problem where the touchpad seems like it isn't screwed in correctly. Like it has some space between the state where you're not touching it and the "click" button.

3. Speakers: I was really disappointed by this one, they're JBL after all. Anyways, the left speaker made cracking sounds when I went over 60% volume and listen to bass heavy music.

The right one was working fine though.

That's when I went all rage mode and decided to disassemble it myself.

Here's what you'll need:


This is the hardware maintenance manual by lenovo. You can use it for Y510p and Y410p.

I followed all the steps to the part where the keyboard cover (where the touchpad and everything is) was removed.

Also, if you try to remove any plastic part and it seems like it's going to break, it isn't. Trust me. I just pulled a bit harder and most of the parts came right off without breaking anything (the plastic is pretty strong here). But don't force it like a maniac though. Try to look at the pictures on the PDF file to figure where the plastic connectors are.

Alright, so by this point I am looking at my Y510p without it's keyboard and keyboard cover. I look at the left speaker.

Boom. It's actually broken (and it was since day one). The membrane of the speaker isn't connected to the rubber around it. The adhesive isn't even there.

"Fuck it", I say to myself, and get some super glue (if you're going to do this make sure to get a good brand. You don't want it to loosen over time) and start applying it using a toothpick. Apply it carefully ONLY around the membrane. You DO NOT want to apply it to the rubber around the membrane, because that way you'll make the speaker inable to move, thus it will only be worse.

Alright, so I let it dry out for about 10 minutes to be sure and go on to the touchpad. (since I can't power on the laptop yet)

I turned around the keyboard cover where I can see the touchpad from behind. You'll be able to see a metal plate right where "left and right" buttons are. You'll also see screws that are holding the metal in place. Remove them. You'll now see that the metal panel has this bulge that is supposed to be the base where the "click" lands.

Sure enough, I see 1 small metal button/switch on the touchpad itself (we're still looking UNDER the touchpad). That button is the one that you press when you click anywhere on the touchpad when using it.

I went on and put a small piece of paper on the button and carefully put the metal panel back on it and test out the touchpad. Boom. No more space between clicks and it seems like it's perfectly still now.

I assemble to laptop back together and plug it in. Played some music on 100%, and yeah, fixed. Left speaker is now working perfectly fine without any distortion the touchpad is now PERFECT. I love it.

If you have any questions about the process here, ask me. Also, if you're going to disassemble your Y510p, you can ask me whatever you want before doing so.

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