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i have the killer wireless card installed on my m14x r2, my bluetooth hasnt been working for a while and i just started to troubleshoot it but i havent had any luck. I believe the problem is that on my deice manager it shows for the bluetooth device the generic blurtooth devivce, ive tried installing the qualcomm atheros driver for bluetooth but i cant get it to start working, any ideas?

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I also had this problem, the only thing that worked for me is reinstalling the whole computer

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I had this problem before, the problem started after I replace the MoBo and for some reason the new MoBo had a loose pin connector in the Wlan card, Dell had to send me a second MoBo to address the issue.

Before they sent me the first Mobo, they thought it was the Wlan card and sent me one, but it wasn't. I also later the Device Manager would show an Unknown Device + Generic BT.

I hope that is not a loose pin connector, but if it is... it's bad news. BTW the Generic BT you see in Device Manager is the Microsoft Driver included with the OS

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    • By arortiz73
      This pertains to the buggy dysfunctional Bluetooth driver for Realtek RTL8723 (Hardware ID: USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8723&REV_0200)
      If anyone else has been having a problem with getting a proper functioning Bluetooth driver to work with the P370em in Windows 10...
      I have found a really nice and stable driver that adds WAAAY more features!
      Here's how to do it...
      Step 1.) Download and install the driver package "Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba (v9.10.34(T)" Note this adds full 4.0+HS and all other Bluetooth feature imaginable! It's really NICE! It doesn't crash, and it's completely compatible!
      *There is one caveat... because you're not installing this on a Toshiba for which this was designed and licensed, it is only a 30 day trial driver, after which it will become dysfunctional... to fix this and have the driver in all it's glory forever...
      Step 2.) Run regedit as administrator, and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, SOFTWARE, Toshiba, BluetoothStack, V1.0, Mng
      Step 3.) In this folder create another DWORD value titled "TestVersion" and give it the hexadecimal value "1"
      Step 4.) Save, exit, done, enjoy the full (non-audit) driver software forever!
      I hope this helps someone. Thanks Toshiba for making an incredible BT driver!
    • By whois
      I changed my original wlan card in my Y510P notebook to an Intel AC7260 card. The WIFI is working well BUT the Win7 couldn't install the bluetooth driver. It couldn't recognize the bluetooth modul.
      Does anyone have idea to solve this problem?
    • By Wherdgo
      I upgraded my M15x to Windows 8.1 64bit (clean install) and had no other problems with any other components during the process - save one - the Broadcom Wireless 370 Bluetooth Mini-card adapter.
      The drivers on Dell's site are outdated, not above Win7, and Windows 8.1 even prevents an attempted installation of them; flagging it as being a potential bluescreen/brick issue.
      Unfortunately, Bluetooth's auto-detect/install package from Bluetooth Software Download | Broadcom didn't detect the hardware or help here either.
      Any ideas or suggestions? TIA.
    • By 314314314
      I have been looking for a wireless backlit keyboard. The Logitech K800, K810, K830 surely are excellent options; however, I am not comfortable spending eighty plus dollars on a keyboard.
      Less than a handful of alternatives were found on Amazon, such as Azio, Ivation, Perixx, SHARKK (alphabetical order), in the proximity of thirty-five bucks. Among them, Periboard 808 is the newest model, so I decided to give it a try.
      Some pictures:

      - Huge battery capacity, 1900mAh. I have been using it at full brightness for 2 weeks without recharging (3hr on weekday, 8hr on weekend).
      - Thin and lightweight
      - Signal range > 12 meter, within line-of-sight. So far no experience on connection or character lost, on android or PC.
      - Plastic build. ( Check out SHARKK if you want metallic build)
      - Light leakage at the edges of keys, a lot.

    • By untitled_753
      Hello, I'm wondering if this is a universal issue with Lenovo notebooks. I've had a Y580 for about three months now and it's a pretty good gaming laptop, except for one irritating issue. Bluetooth will not show up in Windows 8. It's the only hardware missing from the system after an upgrade from Windows 7. Since the system will not detect Bluetooth, I could not install the driver. Trying Fn+F5 also does not work. My system has the latest BIOS available from Lenovo, the 5DCN40WW. Any suggestions, please?
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