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MSI video overclocking cheat sheet

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This is inpired by widezu69's "Using your 4GB GTX 680m to its safest and full potential" (Thanks for the insight!)

I recently had an exchange with a new member about overclocking his GPU and noticed he had a hard time finding things, so I decided to put this here for future reference and to help others.

This is the procedure I used to OC my 680m and that I would recommend to anyone asking how they should go about it.

This is terse and not meant to be a step-by-step guide, but with a little reading and initiative, you will successfully overclock your 6xxm card on your GT70 using this info. I don't know how well the fan controller thing works on other laptops.

MSI GT70 video overclocking cheat sheet:

Use the latest WHQL driver.

Beta EC


vBIOS (may only be downloaded after X amount of posts)


Nvdia Inspector


Fan control for more aggressive cooling




I use it at 1920x1080 with 8X MSAA



I realize that furmark is hardcore and doesn't reflect real-world usage, but this will give you a good idea what the worst-case maximum temp will be.

Run it until the temp reading in furmark stops climbing for a while.

Ambient temp is important. Run this at your typical ambient gaming temp.

MONITOR your GPU frequency and temperature with NVI or OHM(It's always running on mine) while furmarking. If you hit 90C for long, you will throttle and need to back off. Remember that you will have additional thermal load when your CPU has a heavy load during gaming. If you want to get more accurate temps, run Prime95 with max threads while furmarking. 1-3C extra on my machine, but "Cooler booster 2" owners may see more.

Memory speeds ALSO influence heat, so try to find a balance between GPU and memory speed. I tend to lean towards GPU, but I don't have hard numbers on this. I think the MC% shows saturation and it does go up as the bandwidth(memory clock) goes down. I'm still experimenting, but I think that as long as it doesn't hit 100% there's no VRAM bottleneck.

Note that not all frequencies you specify in NVI "click" and that you must have a load to make the adjustments.

To have your NVI profile survive reboots, create an overclocking shortcut with it, then open its properties and copy everything starting with the first dash (that's the argument to the exe)

Create a new task in Task Scheduler running "C:\Program Files\NVI\nvidiaInspector.exe", paste what you copied off the shortcut as the argument. Check "Run with highest privs".

Persistent fan profiles follow a similar procedure. Info in thread.

When you're done furmarking, run your favorite benchmark and have OHM running the the background. Afterwards, look at your temps and GPU clock to make sure there's no throttling.

OHM seems to have a bug with where the GPU clock gets plotted, so it shows only half the clock, (915 shows a little over 400), but you can tell when it throttles.

My card is currently at 915/1965(as displayed by NVI, memory actual is 983 and effective is 3932), furmarking at 83-84 at 26C (which translates to 86-87 at 30C). It's work in progress.

I'm open to any suggestions and comments on this little "cheat sheet" from the experts!

Edit: Updated card temps, added cooler booster 2 cpu load note.

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You overclock memory to 1900? It is 7600? oO

it has not burned?

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You overclock memory to 1900? It is 7600? oO

it has not burned?

Perhaps he is reporting the frequency shown in msi afterburner? The stock memory frequency for 680m shown in msi afterburner is 1800mhz.

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Yeah, looks like NVI doesn't accurately report memory speed, doubling it, instead of quadrupling. I'll edit the post to reflect this. Thanks, guys.

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My 675mx shows 1800mhz in NVI. I can jack it up to 2300mhz without issue.

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