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Looking for someone who has played ESO

I've played just about every MMO with Heroic kills in wow. I quit because after I geared past 570 got bored. G/F likes questing but she is terrible in anything that requires strategy so games like wow are a bust lol. Just wondering if ESO is simple enough and enjoyable enough for a couple to play 6-10 his a week before I jump into another subscription game. Read the melee it's broken however I love to tank.


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ESO is a MMO in the universe of TES. That's all.

If i would resume the game in one sentence : It's just all about bashing and doing the same quest again and again to make your character level up. Once you reach lvl 10 if i rememeber well, then the game is about a bit of faction PVP.

TESO doesn't offer the TES freedom neither the ability to do what usualy wants to do in TES.

If you consider doing PVE quest simple, then ESO is simple.

There's is many video/review around that could learn you more just by watching the game.

Hope it's help.


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