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Ultrabay graphics card on y400 series

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I was thinking about purchasing an ultrabay graphics card for my y410p,. replacing it with the stock cd/dvd drive, and going SLI with it

Anyone ever do the same thing before, I wanna know if its worth the $250?

Also are the y500 series ultraybays interchangable with the y400 series ones, might as well get the gtx755M if thats the case

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as far as i know, the ultrabay cards are all the same from 400 to 500 series, just the bezel is different. this means with a bit of dremel work, it should fit.

as for upgrading beyond the original specs, it wont work. you can only pair equal cards, 650 with a 650, 750 with a 750 etc.

i forget where, but i do remember reading that certain(if not all) 410p and 510p had issues with buying an extra card. one guy said the laptop would not recognize the other card, and it turned out they changed the hardware, thus disabling sli on the laptops that were not bought that way.

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