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Win8.x is a more flexible eGPU platform than Win7

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Putting the Win8.x UI issues aside, I found Win8.x display drivers work independently of the primary bootup video device in the same way that XP did back in the day.. Win7 absolutely requires a functional primary display for any additional dGPU/eGPU to function. Win 8.x drivers are WDM 1.2 spec whereas Win7 are WDM 1.1. XP is WDM 1.0.

This opens up several important advantages of Win8.x over Win7 for eGPU use:

1. systems with a legacy primary device can now have a functional eGPU. That's because the eGPU runs independently.

Confirmed: GTX670 eGPU on HP 8510P with HD2600 (legacy) device. The legacy device uses Win8 basic display driver. The GTX670 uses the NVidia driver. Both run without issue. In fact, I can drag a eGPU rendered window from the external display for display on the internal LCD.

2. The primary device can be disabled or it's pci-e config space hijaaked to overcome error 12 issues.

Confirmed: I completely disable the 8510P HD2600 dGPU in Setup 1.30 startup.bat, blindly booted Win8.1 to see the eGPU was active. The dGPU was nowhere to be found in Device Manager.

3. Higher performance is now available for 1st gen i-core (dual-core) systems with dormant Intel HD graphics. Those previously unable to activate x1.Opt performance.

NVidia's x1 pcie compression no longer depends on the iGPU to be functional in Win8. It simply has to *appear* on the pci-e bus. System with a dormant Intel HD can activate the iGPU using Setup 1.30. An example this would apply to being a Lenovo T410s with the non-Optimus NVS3100M dGPU-only model.

Confirmed: http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/6792-%5Bguide%5D-15-acer-aspire-5742g-gtx660ti%40x1-opt-pe4c-pm3e-v1-2-a.html#post92801

Note: 2nd-gen or newer i-core systems cannot do this as those are now locking the BIOS bootup iGPU disabled configuration which prevents them from being enabled by Setup 1.30.

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i would be willing to try i have a Sony SVE14A290X with an Intel i7-3632QM with an Intel HD4000 and a AMD Radeon 7670m & my eGPU is an Nvidia GTX 760 2GB DDR5 and i have 16gb of ram and win 8.1 . I havnt finished my eGPU setup yet though because im stilla newbie and waiting on the setup link xD!

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I tried disabling Optimus on my m14x R2. But that just ended with bricks and blind flashing of the BIOS. Since the display is hooked up to the iGPU, I don't think I can disable the iGPU and have just the dGPU. It just beeps at me. If you want, I can disable that and try eGPU stuffs. Might just result in more bricks haha (I'll unplug the speakers, I hate hearing the beeps).

Would you want me to test:

iGPU + dGPU + eGPU (if possible, eGPU shows up in device manager, but not enough resources)

iGPU + eGPU (this will probably work, eGPU would have enough resources)

dGPU + eGPU (don't think this will do anything, dGPU would be stuck since there would be no iGPU)

eGPU (perhaps? not really sure on this one. Would have to figure out what


I can give it a whirl tonight / tomorrow if you want. I'm running Windows 8.1 Update 1 at the moment with a GPT/UEFI install, so don't think Setup 1.x will work (unless something changed).

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I would love to hijack the dGPUs space but the thing is, i need to go into hibernation mode in order to detect my eGPU, and without the dGPU, I cant get hibernation mode. Im in a circle problem. Are there other ways in win8 that you can think of that would solve this?

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