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G73jh 770m GPU upgrade success

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So it can be confirmed that olding like G73jh can be upgraded to latest of nvidia gtx series. I must confess one thing though when thinking about this machine first thing that comes to mind is zombie

Becouse it involves merging 4mb bios file of g73jh with g73jw plus moding video bios to get standard mxm 3.0b gpu be recocgnised by system.

All this was neccessary becouse without bios mod there is not support for nvidia gpus in system bios but g73jw has neccessary callbacks and thus is involved in this mod. Even inside bios settings it is shown as g73jw now and all other programs like HWinfo shows it as that.

With original unmodded bios there is no backlight on internal lcd before windows log in screen is loaded and both fans are on full throttle constantly.

Under is some pictures and link to 3dmark11 score with standard clocks.

LINK: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-720QM Processor ,ASUSTeK Computer Inc. G73Jw



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Hi jmhdj user, you really upgraded asus G73jh model of laptop with new 770m VGA card? Because in HW INFO is exactly write Computer Brand Name Asus G73Jw? While I know It is impossible to do on G73Jh version of laptop. I did VGA and CPU upgrade from 5870m -> 7970m and i3 - 350m -> i7 - 940xm. It is fully working, but without cooling pad on maximum it is often overheat. GPU has 85 - 90 °C and in the next step turn off my laptop.

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