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[req] Quadro K6000 reported memory size change

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Here's a different type of Nvidia bios request for svl7 - is it possible to hack a K6000 bios so that nvidia-smi reports 3GB of memory?

This is supposed to be possible with some trial and error: » Research: GeForce GTX780 to Tesla K20 - GuzTech

"By determining the opcodes in the BIOS and performing a diff against the opcodes in the GTX780 BIOS, the list of possible modifications can be significantly reduced. And when the correct arguments for the opcodes are found, the card reports the correct amount of memory."

Why: take a 780Ti and solder an 18K resistor across Vcc and SCLK on the eeprom and the PCI device ID will read 103A. Ready for a new Quadro bios. But the reported memory from that bios will be wrong. Is this something you might consider looking into?

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I just acquired a P2803 reference spec eVGA GTX 780 Ti, and I soldered a Vishay Dale CRCW120618KOFKEA resistor between the VCC and SCLK pins on the EEPROM to change the device ID from 100A to 103A.


I am now in the process of pinpointing the opcode in Quadro K6000 BIOS that sets the VRAM to 8GB. By doing a 3-way binary comparison of the GTX 780 Ti BIOS against the K6000 BIOS against the Noveua BIOS, I believe I can narrow down the list of opcodes that might set the VRAM significantly, and once I have the list, its just a trial and error process. Once I am able to get the K6000 BIOS to report 3GB of VRAM when flashed to the GTX 780 Ti (Dev ID 103A), I will post that modified K6000 firmware here.

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