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New Sony Vaio SB 2011 (S series)

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Features / Configuration

Intel Core i7 Processor available 2620M (Intel HM65 Express Chipset)

ultra-bright LED-backlit 13.3" widescreen display (1366 x 768)

AMD Radeon HD 6630M GPU (1GB VRAM) (Hybrid graphics for speed or stamina)

256GB (128GBx2) solid state drive available

Up to 500GB (7200rpm) or 750GB (5400rpm) hard drive available



WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n

Integrated Stereo A2DP Bluetooth technology

Built-in MOTION EYE web camera

Backlit QWERTY keyboard

HDMI out and VGA out

Intel High Definition Audio

One 3.0 USB

Battery Life Up to 4.5 / 7.5 hours

Compact, lightweight and durable

Colors: Black or White

BUILT-IN BLU-RAY PLAYER (or CD/DVD player/burner)


Apparently this laptop can run recent games with good quality graphics.

According Notebookcheck.net The AMD Radeon HD 6630M is a middle class graphics card for laptops. It supports DirectX11 and is the successor of the low clocked HD 5650 chips (low power). Compared to the HD 5650 it offers 80 more shader, Eyefinity+ and the new UVD3 video decoder.

Pipelines: 480 - unified

Core Speed: 485 MHz

Shader Speed: 485 MHz

Memory Speed: 800 MHz

Memory Bus Width: 128 Bit

Memory Type: DDR3

Apparently, and as I understand it (I dont have one) this lappy has 2 issues:

1. With heavy use the fan can be noisy (I think there is a bios update that fixes this)

2. With heavy use as games can get hot

Some videos

  • Crysis 2 on Very Hight

YouTube - ‪2011 Sony Vaio S Sandybridge Unboxing‬‏

(the comments are so fucking funny LMAO)

Some Reviews

Initial Review from Trustedreviews.com

Nice review and nice photos




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looks pretty decent but Sony had screwed themselves so much lately with their actions that I'll never consider their products again.

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What do you mean? I have not heard anything about Sony these days

EDIT: ok i got it...i thing you talking about the hack to sony platform

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It's an interesting design and great Best Buy Blue Label laptop and the regular Sony one but this is the best comprise your going to get from this over rated and over priced machines that they sell and have such crappy carbon fiber quality yeah right it's so plastically and weak and not to mention get's scratched easily!!

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While I don't trust Sony for my online needs, they make some excellent notebooks and high end displays. Their VAIO notebooks always have very nice LCD panels unlike some manufacturers *cough alienware*.

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Sony Vaio has always toted a prestige in their line... like a Nikon is to cameras.

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Im really into the Brown sony Vaio SA signature collection series edition laptop. It has everything to name a few;button for switching graphics, backlit, facial recognition, ambient light sensor, slice battery, all the main things people need and can use in a laptop. I think the SA series has a cabor fiber chassis, but it also gots a a higher resolution screen at 1600x900. This is currently my favorite laptop out, I so wish I could get this thing but its 2499.00$ and thats $$$ also the outlet for the heat is covered alot by the screen.

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They are very sleek laptops and are packed with features.

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    • By Nando
      SONY on 22 Feb announced the VAIO C series which is exclusively known for the Green and orange neon color design. This is powered by Intel’s the second generation core i5 processor (on the website of sony in Australia has the i7), AMD Radon 1GB graphics card and has a blu-ray Disc.
      Some good features are that, the keys are Backlited so that at dark it would be easy to view letters to type in.
      The Webcam has Exmor sensor which allows to take a picture or Video chat online with Low-Light conditions, and the Facetracking technology automatically focus the camera when ever you are doing video chatting.
      There are 2 models: VPC-CB (15.5" Full HD VAIO Premium Display 1920 x 1080 ) and VPC-CA (14" LED backlight 1600 x 900 )
      If you buy before May 31 they give you a Free Bloggie Touch camera

      "Crafted from a special light-catching material, the all-new VAIO® C Series laptops appear to glow with energy (Neon Green and Neon Orange only). The modern lines shine as the edges of the touchpad, VAIO logo and lid radiate light. Destined to turn heads wherever you go, you'll have the ultimate stunner, whether it's the 14" or 15.5" screen size. The Signature Collection C Series is available in four exclusive colors: Bolt Black, Lightning White, Neon Green and Neon Orange"
      14" C Series specifications

      15.5" C Series specifications

      Battery life:

      - Intel Core i5 Processor available (Model VPCCB17FG has i7)
      - 14" and 15.5" screen sizes
      - Vibrant, light-catching colors (Bolt Black, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Lightning White)
      - Up to 500GB (7200rpm) or 750GB (5400rpm) hard drive available
      - Up to 8GB DDR3 SDRAM
      - LED backlit QWERTY keyboard
      - Electrostatic Touchpad (Multi Finger)
      - AMD Radeon HD 6630M Hybrid Graphics with 1GB VRAM or AMD Radeon HD 6470M with 512MB VRAM
      - Blu-ray Disc burning capability
      - keyboard skins (realy nice btw)
      - Weight 2.3 kg
      Btw, you can buy keyboard skins

      You can see a few reviews here
      Another review here
      They are not the finest, the lightest or the most powerful, but certainly they take the prize for the most striking/shining
      The design of the C Series is, at least, original. The top cover has been coated with an acrylic-like material and painted with fluorescent colors. Just the slightest light on surface and is like a Christmas tree lol
      Starting price at $749
      I think they are quite attractive, and as I can understand are quite solid.
      Do not know how powerful it is for games, but in some videos I've seen running new games with relative ease, like GTA IV, Crysis 2, Mafia 2, etc
      Mafia 2 HD Benchmark:

      Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 1080p Benchmark

      Lost Planet 2 1080p Benchmark

      Crysis 2 - Video Recording Test

      Devil May Cry 4 1080p Benchmark

      Left 4 Dead 2 1080p Benchmark

      Official Manuals (Model VPCCA) PDFs:

      Care and Handling of Your VAIO Computer

      Quick Start Guide

      Safety Information

      User Guide

      VPCCA Series Hard Disk Replacement Instructions

      VPCCA Series Optical Disk Drive Replacement Instructions
      How to change the memory and hard drive in a Sony Vaio VPCCA - Kingston PnP 8GB 1866 memory and a 128GB V100 SSD

      Kingston PnP 8GB 1866 SODIMM & 128GB V100 SSD Sony Vaio VPCCA Upgrade & Review

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