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no hdmi audio

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Problem: Cannot get the HDMI to play audio through to my monitor or tv (2 different for testing purposes)

I am able to clone my laptop's display with no issues (other than the audio). I have tried selecting HDMI output in the Playback Devices, but the only 2 items there are the Speakers "Sound Blaster Recon3Di" and Digital Output "Sound Blaster Recon3Di". I have selected this are to show disabled devices, but still, those are the only two displayed.

I think I have exhausted just about every trick in the book to try to get the audio come through the tv/monitor speakers.

Anyone have any solution or suggestions? I can't post on the Alienware forums because of maintenance (just my luck)

Side note, I have never had an issue with the HDMI in - audio and video works perfectly from any device I have tried (PS3, XBox360, even another PC). I'm also trying to record gameplay with both an Elgato and a HDPVR2, but b/c of this audio issue, there is no sound. I have been able to watch a movie/play game and used external speakers before, but that's not what I want. I need the direct audio out from the HDMI.

I have tried almost everything I can think of:

Updated BIOS

Tried 3 different HDMI cords

Updated nVidia drivers to latest

Banging my head on my desk many times

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Have you tried to max the volume on tv and pc?

HDMI tends to be quieter for some reason.

I have similar issue - even on max settings, the audio from tv is very low - at first also thought there is no sound

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an issue i found with hdmi sound could be your audio drivers, i had an older usb gaming headset that messed up all my sound drivers when i installed it. thus i had to go through the effort of uninstalling all my drivers for the usb set and sound drivers and then reloading the sound drivers. though upon attempting to reinstall the usb headset everything worked fine, it could be an issue like this for you, or it could be the actual hdmi port. though at this point i'd try uninstalling all of my video/sound drivers and then test it again maybe try on a different tv if it still doesn't work i'd say maybe send it for repair. alternatively you could try older drivers as well. i recall having to do that for some reason or another with an old video card i had

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