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MSI GE60-0ND windows 7 preinstalled unlock the bios to boot to from UEFI?

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I have a question about that is there any possibility to boot the system from UEFI?

Cuz my laptop can't find the operating system if I format my HDD into GPT type....

Thanks a lot =P

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You just need flash bios from MSI GE60-0ND windows 8 preinstalled, and then install windows with GPT type.

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If flashing the unlocked win7 bios, you will find the "uefi boot" option in the "BOOT" tab. Alter its value into "auto" or "enable" and then enjoy the uefi booting.

It's easy to use the AMIBCP tools to unlock your bios by yourself.

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On 24.10.2013 at 7:28 PM, ciwei100000 said:

If flashing the unlocked win7 bios, you will find the "uefi boot" option in the "BOOT" tab. Alter its value into "auto" or "enable" and then enjoy the uefi booting.

I know this thread is quite old, but it seems that the GE60 doesn't support UEFI booting for Windows 7. It hangs at the installation even with SP1.


If somebody got the UEFO boot option working in Windows 7 I would be glad to hear.

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