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    • By SandraHill
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    • By SandraHill
      Brother printer did not provide feed paper, then check it and solve it easily
      There is a common problem with all Brother printers. Sometimes, while printing, you may find that the paper is not coming out of the feeder. This problem is caused by the users either separated rollers or due to the use of impure pickup rollers. Thus, in this technical blog, we are going to discuss some effective methods to solve the brother printer's feed paper.
      Brother printers do not provide feed paper
      We have been getting the feed paper problem to the Brother printer mainly due to the problem of paper feed rollers. If the paper feed rollers become useless due to dust or any other material. So, let us see what we can do to deal with these paper feeding issues in our brother printer or you can also call our Brother printer customer service number +1-855-560-0666:
      Brother is not the active solution paper to solve the printer
      Since you know the reasons why you are not facing the problem of Brother Printer, you have to solve it as soon as possible. Therefore, follow the steps to resolve the problem or contact our Brother printer customer service number:
      By cleaning the paper pick-up rollers. Loading paper into the manual feed slot. Replace the paper feed rollers.
      Therefore, we are going to discuss methods, so that you can solve the problem without any difficulty.
      Method 1: Cleaning the paper pick-up rollers
      If you are facing this problem due to the use of impure paper feed rollers, then to solve this problem, you have to clean it. Thus, follow the steps to clean the paper pick-up rollers:
      First, turn off your Brother printer and remove the power plug from the socket. Then, remove the interface cable and power cable from the printer. After that, pull the paper tray out of the printer. Now wipe the separator pad in the paper tray with a damp cloth. Next, clean the paper pick-up rollers. Next, insert a paper tray into the printer. Now, connect the interface cable and the power cable to the printer. Then, connect the power plug to the socket. Finally, turn on the printer.  
      Method 2: Load the paper into the manual feed slot
      The best way to solve the problem is to load the paper into the manual feed slot. Therefore, go through the steps to load the paper into the manual feed slot:
      First, open the cover of the manual feed slot. Then, gently push the paper guide to fit the paper. After that, hold the papers with one hand and insert it into the manual feed slot with your other hand. Next, press Start Color State or Mono if the LCD does not let you load in another page. If the problem is resolved on your printer, try printing any document to check it.  
      Method 3: Replace Paper Feed Rollers
      If the problem is not solved after following the above methods, then you need to replace the paper feed rollers. Thus, the Brother printer did not replace the paper feed rollers to solve the feed paper.

      In this technical blog, we have provided proper guidance to solve the problem. Thus, the methods pass one by one. If you face any problem without wasting time, see the user manual. You can also communicate with us through the comment section below.
    • By SandraHill
      Canon support to fix canon printer error u052
      Canon Printer is always a leader when it comes to printer manufacturing companies. Most users prefer this brand as it produces good quality and long-lasting printers. But sadly it is not free from its. Canon printer error code u052 is an error that is common in the event. As soon as users get this error message "u052 this type of print head is wrong" pops up on the screen continuously to remove which you can call our Canon Printer Customer Service Phone Number. The problem of canon printer error u052 can occur due to various reasons. One major reason is the incomplete installation of the print head. If the printhead is not installed properly or is not compatible with your device, then it is quite possible that you encounter this error code. At that time you will need our Canon Support Number.   If you are also experiencing the same problem and are searching for the best troubleshooting methods, you should call our Canon Printer Customer Service Number. Here in this post, you will find many ways by which you can easily solve glitches without any problem. Canon printer effective solution to fix error code u052
      There are many uses by which you can get rid of Canon printer error code u052 completely. Take a deeper look at the solutions and solve it: Method 1: Clean the ink cartridge.
      This is the basic way to solve error codes easily. If the ink cartridge remains dirty, it is possible that you get this issue. So, you have to clean the cartridge before proceeding to the next step. To do this, first, carefully remove the print head and ink tray from the printer. Clean it with a clean cotton swab. After that, turn off the power of the printer for three minutes. Next, switch on it and put the print head and ink cartridge in the same place. Now, try printing a new page and review whether the error still appears. If you still see the error then call our Canon Printer Customer Service. Method 2: Reset your printer.
      If the above method is not practical for you, you can select it to solve the error. First, turn on both the Canon printer and the computer. After that, click on Start option and then, select menu. Now, navigate to the control panel and click on it. After that, select the reset printer with the help of a mouse and tap on the enter button. Wait for a few moments while starting the system reset process. Finally, check whether the error has been resolved. Method 3: Set your printer as the default.
      As an optional procedure, you can choose it. The first thing you need to do is switch on your printer and computer. After that, at the same time tap and hold the R and Windows keys. A dialog box will open on the screen. You have to type "control" in that box and hit the enter button. Choose "Devices and Printers" from the list and click "Set as Default Printer" from the Printers section. Talk to the toll-free +1-855-560-0666 a number with a team of experts for further assistance.
      In case if you still could not solve the Canon printer error u052, never bother with it. Dial our Canon Customer Service and call us your customer service executive. There are many skilled engineers who have a lot of knowledge in this domain. They will definitely resolve your issue without any delay. And, you can also leave us an email addressing your questions. Professionals will respond to your response immediately. You will never be disappointed with our service.
    • By SandraHill
      Canon printers are known to perform best to support user needs and protect their interests in printing tasks. It is providing a lot of features to the users to make their work easy and keep them happy and satisfied. Now due to some reasons, you may have to face some issues with your Canon printer and the paper jam issue is one of them, which should be faced as soon as possible otherwise it may prevent you from completing your printing tasks. When printing, you see an error message stating the paper jam issue. When some piece of paper gets stuck in a paper tray or roller, it shows this error message. A small particle of debris can also create such an issue. However, you can overcome this problem on your own with a few easy steps. You can contact Canon Printer Customer Care Number for further assistance. An easy solution to the paper jam problem:
      As you know the reasons behind this issue you can fix it with a few easy steps. To get the complete solution, you need to follow these simple steps: Turn off your printer:
      You must turn off your printer to begin the process of resolution. This is important because you have to open parts of the printer so that it is better to work with moving parts when the printer is closed. You worked inside the device to clear the problem and then you need to switch. Open the doors and panels:
      Now you need to find out the paper jam issue to fix it. You have to open all the printer doors which can cause paper jam. When you open the doors and panels, you need to open or remove your printer's input tray and track the path of the paper to the output tray of the external device. Therefore you need to open all doors and panels to find out the exact location of the problem. Clear all paper scraps and debris:
      In the second stage, you should know where the paper is jammed. Now you have to remove these pieces of paper. You should see debris and even dust particles in the paper tray, and clean it on doors and panels. You need to do these steps very slowly and carefully and keep parts of the printer untracked. Fix the printer:
      Once you remove the debris and pieces of paper and confirm that there are no other obstructions in the paper tray inside the printer, you need to close all doors and panels carefully and turn on your printer. Now you can make a test copy.   These steps are easy to follow, and you can easily process a solution to fix the problem. However, if you need a proper expert solution, you should call the Canon Printer Technical Support Number and get an easy solution.
    • By PrecastFlame
      Hi, I'm having problems trying to connect a GTX 750 Ti to my Lenovo T420 using the dock EXP GDC Beast (express card version).
      My laptop: Lenovo T420
      RAM: 8GB DDR3
      CPU: Intel Core i5 2520M
      GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000
      My problem is: if I plug the express card and I turn on the laptop it doesn't boot up and the screen becomes horrible, with coloured pixels and a sound like "bip-bip".
      If I try plugging the express card when the laptop is already turned on it sees the gpu, but if try installing the drivers I have to apply the modifies restarting the computer.
      I hope you understood my problem (I don't speak English very well).
      Please help me, It's making me crazy!
      EDIT: I didn't say that if I plug the express card when the pc is already turned on, in the device menager there is "Error 12" on the gtx 750 ti

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