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On 5/1/2019 at 11:17 PM, maleagour said:




Thanks for raising this. Fortunately my PSU is 240W.


I ran 3DMark and logged the temperature via GPU-z. My results were in line with similar non-overclocked setups. I could not observe any sign of throttling: In the Graphics tests the clock was maxed to the stock limit, but I did not see it dropping until the test finished. Also, the maximum temperature that was observed was 64 C , which is quite low.


Idle temp in Windows : 50 C...


Later on, I found via "nvidia-smi.exe -q" that the "GPU Slowdown Temp" for my card was 91 C. I do not see how my card can reach 91 C (without any OC), while my max temp in the benchmark is 64 C. I think this is quite a big difference to start worrying about throttling. I have not tested the card yet in a game though.


As it stands I will stick to the stock levels and stock vBios which do not appear to cause any hassle. I do not really seek for extra performance gain via OC by taking the risk of frying the card.


Btw, I saved my vbios via the GPU-z backup button. Is this sufficient for backup purposes?

The throttling will come soon or later. But it will not be thermal throttle it will be powerlimit throttle.

Both the Alienware m17x r3 and R4 and Alienware m18x R1 and R2 has a bug.

I have tried them all both with gtx 780m, 880m, 980m and now 1070.

They all powerthrottle in those systems. Gtx 880m was the worst.


If your computer crash or you force it to shut down by holding the power button. Then you will get the powerthrottle issue.


There is too ways to fix it.

1. Go to bios and switch to IGFX then restart and enter bios again and change it back to PEG.


2. When your computer is up and running then put it to hibernate for 3 second and wake it again, then the problem is gone until next time.

(It needs to be hibernate, sleep will not work.)


While I am here. There is a bug with the combination of windows 10, Alienware m17x r4 and sleep mode.

If you put it to sleep and wake it again, the sound card will still be at sleep and not being detected.

The fix is putting it back to sleep again and then wake it.


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I was wondering if anyone can get a vbios modified in order to get a Quadro P3200 and P4200 in a dell precision 7530 and 7730 respectively to work. I bought both of the laptops with intel hd, then dell sold me the correct heatsinks, cable videos and video connectors, since they are not MXM in this case, and the video cards from a ebay seller.. Once installed I get error 43 and 45. They are recognized, but drivers are not working. Any chance anyone can help ? Willing to pay gladly to get this fixed.





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Hello, I've got a Dell 8gb Nvidia 980m, just wondering if there's an undervolted vBIOS I can use to preserve it's longevity, my ASIC quality is 69.9%.

Not having TDP throttle on top of that would also be nice I suppose given I've got a 240 watt brick and previously used a modded Quadro K4100m with 115w tdp just fine with a large overclock.


I'm fine with stock clocks however.

attached is my stock vBIOS



Very much appreciate it!


As a note:
the undervolted Alienware vBIOS on notebookreview locked to 0.9810V max caused the same issue getting 3d clocks to work, so I'm afraid my card likely requires at least 1v, but any reductions to temps vs stock would be lovely!

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For the 2011 iMac world, I'm looking to see if someone can mod the voltage, power and boost table to accommodate a 880M into these machines.

The computer uses a 310W supply and the CPU uses 65W TDP (assuming a i7 2600s upgrade was done). The SSD barely uses any power, lets say 2W.


Appreciate very much Johnksss (for the 780M) and svl7 (for the 770M, 765M) mods that were done. These are rock stable even with intense use prolonged use of the iMac.


A good starting base for the mod would be the Dell ROM:

Dell.GTX880M.8192.140309.rom attached


A working model of an already modded ROM:

780M_EG2 attached


Awesome work as usual!





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Hello there. I have a little mod request of my own that may or may not be an experience. Long story very short, I recently decided to go AMD in my laptop, and in doing so, I got myself a S7100X - because Polaris hasn't seemed to work for the device I wanted to use. I'm looking for a mod to the card's VBIOS, which is in fact not signature enforced, to unlock, and modify a few values I cannot touch.


I do have a SPI Flasher, as well as hybrid graphics, so I have backup options in case anything odd happens.


My Requests


  • If possible, I would like for voltage, as well as TDP/clocks to be unlocked.
  • In addition to this, since I cannot modify this value in afterburner, I would like for battery power, and small battery power to be reduced 50 from 75 watts.


I will include two things in my post additionally. First, if it's helpful, TechPowerUp's parse on the VBIOS and relevant aspects:



Second, the VBIOS as requested, which will be attached. I should note that Tonga/Hawaii Bios Reader does not function for this particular VBIOS and card. Likely because even though it's a sub branch of Tonga, it's more accurate that the architecture is Amethyst - which is the reason for my request. Thank you for reading!


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Hi, I would like to submit a request to unlock my BIOS for my Alienware m14xr2. I just want to be able to play my games again and the bios is locked for adjusting the gpu voltage. Help highly appreciated and I want to donate.

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Hello, Just wanted to know if an AMD Firepro M7820 vbios can be unlocked. Thank you

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Posted (edited)

Hello everybody, I want to request an unlocked video bios for my laptop MSI GE72 6QF w/ 970M 3 GB. I want to overclock it over the +135 mhz limit MSI afterburner gives me. Also undervolt it if possible?

GPU-Z shot


  the rom file extracted using GPU-Z https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iQGIoZHayyZUR_F2WEgxXBzlmAzmCRPA/view?usp=sharing

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19 minutes ago, SoulBlade said:

Hello everybody, I want to request an unlocked video bios for my laptop MSI GE72 6QF w/ 970M 3 GB. I want to overclock it over the +135 mhz limit MSI afterburner gives me. Also undervolt it if possible?

GPU-Z shot


  the rom file extracted using GPU-Z https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iQGIoZHayyZUR_F2WEgxXBzlmAzmCRPA/view?usp=sharing


Ok. Check PM.

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    • By fabri1983
      Hi all.
      I'm trying to update my ASUS G73SW laptop with a new GPU card. 
      Originally it comes with the great GTX 460m, which still nowadays runs AAA games (OpenGL 4.5 and DX11, medium and high settings, 1600x900 resolution).
      I own a GTX 780m DELL card bought 6 years ago with the intention of doing the upgrade, however circumstances of life made me to concentrate only in work (IT) and the project was forgotten.
      Now I'm taking back the project again. That's why I come here for help.
      Is it possible someone of you could help me in modding the attached BIOS (info extracted with BIOS Backup Tools 12.2) to support the GTX 780m DELL card?
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      I recently bought the new Toshiba RC100 m.2 2242 NVMe SSD for my Lenovo Y510p which has an m.2 port in it.
      After installation the SSD wasn't showing up in my BIOS and also not on my OS Win 10 disk management. So I did a bit of research and installed mod BIOS for my Y510p by following the steps in the link: ( https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/3546-lenovo-y410p-y510p-unlocked-bios-wlan-whitelist-mod-vbios-mod/ )
      There are a lot more options in the BIOS menu now.
      Even after doing the mod it's not showing up. The SSD works on my friend's "new 2017 dell gaming laptop" which has m.2 ssd support in it. I don't know what exactly to configure my BIOS to make it work. I've just done some hit-and-trial configs which have eventually failed.
      If someone can help solve it Pleasee!!
      P.S. : I can share all the available options available in the BIOS if required.
    • By High_Voltage
      In case you own a Lenovo Y410p or Y510p laptop, you might be interested in upgrading its performance by installing an external graphics card. Ultrabay eGPU adapter designed by @gerald was proven to be a convenient plug-and-play option to do exactly that. However, for a long time only an AMD-branded GPUs could be used due to limitations in the Lenovo's stock BIOS. The purpose of the modified firmware presented here is to expand the range of available GPUs by enabling Nvidia support on Gerald's Ultrabay eGPU adapter.
      Huge thanks to:
      @MWichni - For efficiently assisting me during the development of this mod. By flashing dozens of BIOS builds over the course of several weeks and thoroughly describing the effects observed (or the lack thereof), he enabled me to fully understand necessary parts in BIOS structure and come up with a final solution. @svl7 - Whose unlocked BIOS / Whitelist mod has served as a basis for this modification. His discovery of a security hole in V2.07 BIOS has provided us with a convenient BIOS flashing method that does not require a physical programmer. The Unlocked BIOS and WLAN whitelist mods originally designed by him are also implemented in this BIOS mod. @gerald - For designing the aforementioned adapter. Without it, all this work would make very little sense.  
      Key features:
      Resolves the "40-second reboot" issue normally encountered while using Nvidia graphics cards with Ultrabay eGPU adapter, thus allowing all Nvidia cards to be used. Based on the latest V3.08 BIOS. Includes Svl7's WLAN whitelist removal mod - for the convenience of aftermarket WLAN card users. Includes Svl7's BIOS debug menu mod - for the ease of experimentation with newly available features, e.g. attempting to use Nvidia Optimus to pass eGPU video back to laptop's display.  
      NB! Svl7's Debug Menu is not a toy! It contains a lot of options that are either not supported or partially supported by the hardware platform and/or can disturb its normal operation or prevent the PC from booting up at all. Any of the entries not originally present in the stock BIOS should be modified at your own risk!
      Installation instructions:
      If things don't go right:
      Error 43:
      If you intend using the GTX10XX-series Nvidia card as the eGPU (which you probably do), you are very likely to encounter the infamous Error 43 in Windows Device Manager. This is a widely known issue in the eGPU community and is not related to this particular mod in any way. Following this guide thoroughly will in most cases resolve the Error 43 issue.
      Get your copy here!
      Version of this mod for Lenovo Y400/Y500 models is coming soon!
    • By GastStraus
      Hi, I started overclocking my laptop. Initially, the graphics card provided 601 MHz at core (900 mV voltage) and 1400 MHz at memory. By moddig the bios through the Kepler Tweaker, it was possible to overclock to 944 MHz at core (925 mV voltage) and 2310 MHz at memory.
      I want to reach 1 GHz by the core, but for this I need to raise the voltage. At a very high voltage, even without load, the fan will start to rustle, so I do not want to raise the voltage much.
      But there is an idiotic problem. When the temperature of 60 degrees is used, the video card discards 25 mV. This is Nvidia`s feature . In the stock, it drops from 925 to 900, now from 950 to 925. I want 950 constantly, but it's impossible to make through Kepler Tweaker. I saw reports that svl7`s BIOS mod does not have this problem, but anyway I can not download it. So may be somebody know how make right vbios mod.
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