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Tritton 720+ 7.1 Surround Sound Headset Short Review

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I picked these up recently, figured I'd throw up an opinion on them.

First impression was a lot of ish comes in the box, it gives a lot of options with the included adapters to hook up to PC, Xbox360, and PS3. with Optical or through 3.5mm, pretty sure you can connect it to pretty much anything.

Comes with a box through which most of the connections (Xbox360, PS3, Dig. Optical connections) are made, it also has a selectable EQ's

The frame feels strong, I played with it a little out the box just to get an idea of the strength and quality and it holds up nicely.

Plus side, comfortable I was wearing these for hours and didn't feel the need to adjust or remove them ( I have a small head though lol). Clean, clear, crisp sound. I literally felt like I heard everything. The mic (detachable) was clear too. I've had a lot of problems with mics being unclear or too bass or loud, but sound checking with everyone I played with I came in nice and clear. Also it has two separate volume adjusters for the game sound and the voice sounds, big for me since sometimes I want to be immersed in the game and sometimes I need to be able to hear my teammates clearly.

I think the drawbacks for me were that it's cabled, but it's long enough (12ft) that you probably won't be restricted much as to where you'd sit in your average living room, but obviously you can't go load up on snacks and keep them on) and it also has a deep bass which was sometimes a bit too much for me.

All in all, if your looking for a really nice wired headset that works with all our systems, and you don't mind spending the extra. This would be a good suggestion.

I don't think it's the best one you can get, but it's definitely really nice to own.

I'll probably adjust or add to this as I use them a bit longer but this is basically first impressions

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Got any pics of them + packaging? And how much did they cost?

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Yeah, these are very nice headsets. Very cheap for what you get. I don't regret buying one of them.

Great sound and great build quality!

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Sorry it took so long to get back, moving again so they've been packed up for now but I grabbed some internet photos they look exactly they way I brought mine

I paid close to 200 for these, but at the same time I'm currently in Japan so things are a little more expensive here then America. My guess from them there would be roughly $180, only two countries I can guess off the top of my head.

Also adding to what I put earlier, and agreeing with dennis1982. These are very good headsets, after playing with them for a while they have great sound quality both for the mic and game sounds, adding in the fact that you can flip on hearing your on voice. The only draw back I see for some are that they are wired, but after using them for a while, and since they work on my Xbox, PS3, and PC I really don't mind.



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