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GTA IV - The best mods in Your opinion

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Hi everybody !

Lately I installed GTA 4, and few mods for it.

If You are playing GTA4 with mods, just say what mods are the best in Your opinion, and which You can reccomend for me.

Mods that I already have:

- iCEnhancer 2.1

- Ghost Rider mod

- Iron man mod

- Hulk mod (this one isn't so good :playful:)

- Realistic Car Pack v4

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Im waiting for more, I forgot to say about that I had some HD texures (or something like that)

Hmmm GhostRider mod is really so cool, I reccomend it for You :)

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I have modded some of the textures for the shops around liberty city and some new roads also including some new cars and the iCEnhancer. And it makes realy much fun to play :D

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Iron man mod. Installed it last week and have already logged in a fewdays worth of play time!

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And the IronMan mod is pretty sick

And the zombie mod

All 3 together is like Saints Row IV mixed with Red Dead Redemptions Undead Nightmare.. with flying exploding cars :bananapowerslide:

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There was a mod that gave one out of every... ten? civilians a gun, and set them loose on the city. Oh my, the chaos was glorious.

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to be honest i love the native trainer because it's basically like adding a bunch of new cheat codes into the game.

plus it comes with a stylish menu so theres no need for memorizing commands

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From what I tested and which gave me a bit of fun :

Reaper mod The Reaper mod replaces the standard blimp with the intimidating alien spacecraft from the Mass Effect series;

Raven Rock - The Raven Rock mod plops an entirely new island on your map;

Railroad engineer - All aboard for some major destruction !!!

Planet Express Ship - some fun whit Futurama :D

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Can't remember the name but the one that turns your truck into a massive ramp. So much fun

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