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MSI GT60 MS-16F3 need driver for graphic card upgraded

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I have installed a GTX770m in my GT60 ONC(MS-16F3). After I reboot machine, Intel HD4000 not working even installed Intel graphics driver and can't install NVIDIA driver too.

Then I tried install modded driver from laptopvideo2go, 326.41. Result as black screen.

My problem like this thread


My 770M hardware ID

HWID_GTX770M_AW.jpg Photo by kiba208 | Photobucket

Please help me

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Thank you for your driver modded but won't work with my 770M. It can't install with disable driver signature too.

I'm not sure your 770M hardware ID same with me. It's PCIVEN_10DE&DEV_11E0&SUBSYS_10081462&REV_A1

Ok, I'll add yours to the .inf.

This one should work [h=2]http://www.fildirekt.se/dl/1376240564.rar[/h]Replace it with the one in display.driver

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It's all modded INF failed during install.

May be it require unlocked bios access UEFI to work? or new vbios?


I flash MSI GT60 2OC vbios ( into it and saw hardware ID change to PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_11E0&SUBSYS_10E81462&REV_A1.

Then I tried install 326.41 with modded INF from Laptopvideo2go seem everything ok. After that, I enter GPU-Z or some application that using DirectX it show me TDR error message "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered".

I googling and found this NVIDIA thread


I think it has small hardware different, vram or something, cause MSI vbios not compatible with my 770M Alienware (Eurocom) and show that TDR error.

Any idea?

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Yes it seems like it doesn't work too well on your card, apparently. I have a Clevo card in mine, I'm not sure if its vBIOS will work on yours or if it will fix the problem.http://www.fildirekt.se/dl/1376270313.rar

Your vbios all same as mine even start up with 1024x768 resolution locked and Intel HD4000 not working but your card can run without problem...

Here is an error during installation


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Some update.

My 770M (MSI VBIOS) installed 326.80 driver mod INF, Iris Intel graphics driver (latest) and set PCI-E boot with Legacy ROM (unlocked BIOS).

It work better than previous one. Metro Last Light and Tomb Raider 2013 significant reduce stuttering but still have TDR Failure recovery.

Hope WHQL driver work 100%, good job NVIDIA.

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