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Lenovo Y500 strange bootup problem ( maybe the screen cable issue )

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Hi all;

I'm having some strange problems when booting up my Lenovo Y500 past two days.

When I power up the device, screen doesn't turn on as it was before.

One way that I able to use the computer is closing the top cover and re-opening it.

But before doing this I need to wait around twentyfive seconds until the system boots.

If I'm a bit quick and do this top cover trick before the lockscreen appears ( of corse I need to guess every time ) the screen turns on but there is no video on it.

This way the screen turns on and everything is normal until I reboot or shotdown the device.

For a good understanding I have taken a short video to explane the situation...


Please take a look what I have found last night.

Is this the screen cable ? Correct me if I wrong but I'm clearly sure that this thing doesn't have to seen from there...

Is there any possibility that these are some kind of hardware problem, not the software one ?

I really need your help bros, thanks in advance...

( I'm sorry about my English, thanks for reading )


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Thanks for the reply, that shows the screen problem and this cable is not connected whit each other.

I assume you are using Lenovo Y500, is this cable visible on your device, or it doesn't ?

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Hmm maybe your laptop tries to display on external screen? I had a thinkpad T400 and I remember when I attached the external screen to it, then it would automatically switch to predefined setting (clone, extended, or external only depending on what you used last time), but when I closed the lid it would automatically switch to external screen only (unless it was set to sleep with closed lid). Well, that's my guess.

Another thing you could try is to disable the external GPU in BIOS and see if it's any different. I'm not saying it's GPU fault (and it most probably isn't), just see if it's the same.

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I guess you can't even access the BIOS as nothing is displayed until you've loaded windows? Can you hook up an external monitor with a VGA cable (NOT HDMI) and see if it displays anything? This might not work as it does not have an integrated gpu..

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correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Y500 has integrated GPU, but it's turned off if you use SLI.

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It has because it uses i5, i7 but it's hardware disabled by manufacturer, you can't enable it. It always uses the single card no matter what.

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I looked around on the internet and you're right. Another reason why I'm happy I went with y580 instead of y500... If only it would look as good as y500 I would be completely satisfied... Ok end of OT.

Any progress on the problem VP650M?

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