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Weird Video Card problem: EXTREMELY low GPU usage

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Hi guys,

So with the help of svl7, I got my GTX770m successfully working in my MS16f2.

Now, I'm experiencing a strange problem on two video-games specifically: Company of Heroes and Garry's Mod 13. I do not believe this is a hardware problem, because other games run fine.

In these games, I am experiencing poor framerates (10-15 fps) because my GPU just isn't doing any work. With EVGA precision X, I monitor GPU load in game only to see that it floats around 5-15%.

On other games such as World of Tanks, GPU usage floats around 80% and the game runs optimally.

My CPU and Ram are not bottle-necking my system either, as they are functioning at normal load levels when the game is running.

I have tried to adjust power settings to maximize performance and even overclock the GPU. It simply is not processing video, as if the game wasn't running at all.

Does any one have an idea as to what is wrong?


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It actually sounds like Optimus is not working properly on your setup. Have you gone into the Nvidia Settings -> Manage 3D Settings -> Global settings tab -> set Preferred graphics processor to your 770m, and try again?

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What is CPU load in CoH or GM13 ?

Tried any other drivers ?

Clock is for 3d or stays in 2d in these games ?

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Sounds like optimus not switching initially, due to the fact games such as garrys mod run on the source engine. Just set the gpu to high performance global settings ans make personalized profiles for the applications to use your 770m, and if that doesn't solve your problem, then try updating to the latest beta drivers on nvidias site.

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It stays in 2D clock (705Mhz). When I play something like WoT my gpu clock goes up to 865mhz, so I know it's in 3D mode.

- - - Updated - - -

I'm browsing though Manage 3D settings --> Global Settings, but I do not see anything that allows me to select GPU, only the setting "CUDA - GPUs" is available and I have that set to the 770m.

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Just to be sure what kind op processor do you have in you're laptop.

I know from personal experience that garry's mod is relay processor dependent and will run slow if you don't have required speed.

Also when you have a lot of mods installed it becomes also laggy.

I don't know about Company of Heroes maybe it is also relay processor dependent.

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I have that problem sometimes, and i think it is something with the software.Such as when i modded/changed a few things in minecraft it caused my gpu to hardly work so i was getting bad fps.

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