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Unstable overclocking GTX 680 SLI setup

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Hi guys,

I just finished setting up my Water cooled SLI setup.

It's made up of 2 reference GTX 680 card's:

Zotac ID 0


I used the same waterblock on both so i know for sure that they are a match as far as the reference part is concerned.

They are both 2GB versions and have the same clock settings (GPU-Z)

So here's the thing:

When i overclock the cards individually they have an awesome reach of 1303MHZ on the core and +400 on MEM.

This is something i almost never run on but it can do Battlefield 3 on 2560x1440 with everything max (duh..) @100fps.

When i overclock in SLI, i can see the boost clock mess's things up (Meter), the slave card boosts lower and there for uses lower voltages and so it crashes almost immediately.

I can't even slide the Core + 40Mhz in AfterBurner or the cards crash....

So i used kgb on the BIOS (xxxx.rom) and used nvflash to flash the new bios (1.212v) and even then i still really can't get a high clock.

I customized some bios's in a multitude of variations and it never really is stable beyond stock..



This also posted under the water cooling section but i was not sure where this topic belongs, there is no real overclocking thread which i can find

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i hate to bump an old thread, but i too am faced with the same issue.

In Evga Precision you could turn on kboost, but i think that only applies to the primary card.

Perhaps you can user the nvidia tuner app and force boost for stability? Then just use a .bat to lower the clocks when only using 2D stuff?

Ill try this when i get home, and post with results!

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Had the same issue with reference 680s, and I never found a good solution either. Voltage doesn't even help like you've found out.

40Mhz was the max overclock on the cores I was able to achieve.

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