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Help> Overclock Mpower Max and 4770k

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I have a 4770k Batch L312, 4800 in windows, but don't benchmark whith it.

I change thermal past to IHS, now is better but not to much ......



The temperatures are not very high, but I can not up more the cpu frecuency, i don't know how. I have msi mpower max. You know some guide?? how to set this bios?? :(





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add some voltage ? read a review for your mobo and their processor required 1.425v to reach 4.9 ghz with a multi of 49 though anything above 4.4 ghz is a matter of luck with binning i guess though their voltage seem to be a little bit too high imo.

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Yes you will need to add some voltage, but that will definitely cause extra heat. With that motherboard you should have a single page guide that shows safe voltage settings for air, covering CPU, Ram, and Ring Voltage - just use these as a guide (MSI Z87 Platform OC Setting Reference Table - hwbot.org) . I have now tested 10 cpus on air and under LN2 - if you have a CPU that boots into windows at 4800 you definitely have a good cpu (probably very good). The duds will bench 4.3 / 4.4 (luckily I have not had one this bad), most will bench 4.5 / 4.6 no problem (7 of 10 for me), a much smaller percentage will bench at 4.7 (3 out of 10 for me), I didn't see one in 10 that would do 4.8. I would start by setting CPU Volts manually at 1.25V and work up slowly from there. I was using 1.35V for my testing.

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