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I bet you will be the first to post a video of the game and its gameply and especially on a M14x, it feels good to be the first doing something right? :D

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My config file is found here... Looks like a cross between crysis and homefront...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\42820345\22350\local\base\brinkconfig.cfg

// *********************************************************

// This file is managed by Brink and will be overwritten

// Any custom commands or bindings should be put into 'autoexec.cfg'

// in the same folder as this file

// *********************************************************

seta image_filter "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR"

seta image_anisotropy "8"

seta image_lodbias "0"

seta r_useShadowFastParallel "1"

seta r_useShadowInfinite "1"

seta r_softParticles "0"

seta r_swapInterval "0"

seta r_gamma "1"

seta r_brightness "1"

seta r_useHBAO "1"

seta r_HBAONumSteps "4.0"

seta r_HBAONumDir "4.0"

seta r_useAntiAliasing "0"

seta r_useMotionBlur "1"

seta r_skipPrePass "0"

seta r_useDitherMask "1"

seta r_offsetunits "-600"

seta r_shadowPolygonOffset "-1"

seta r_shadowPolygonFactor "0"

seta r_shadowPolygonOffsetMT "-1"

seta r_shadowPolygonFactorMT "0"

seta r_shadows "1"

seta r_useHighQualityPostProcess "0"

seta r_useShadowMaps "0"

seta r_shadowsHighQuality "1"

seta r_trisColor "1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0"

seta r_debugLineDepthTest "0"

seta r_debugLineWidth "1"

seta r_debugArrowStep "120"

seta r_useAlphaToCoverage "1"

seta r_shaderPreferALU "1"

seta r_normalizeNormalMaps "1"

seta r_shaderSkipSpecCubeMaps "0"

seta r_useThreadedRenderer "0"

seta r_renderProgramLodDistance "200"

seta r_renderProgramLodFade "50"

seta r_visDistMult "1"

seta vt_lodBias "-2"

seta r_inhibitEXTGPP "0"

seta s_volume_dB "0.0"

seta s_volume_VoIPActive_dB "-20.0"

seta s_subFraction "0.75"

seta s_globalFraction "1.0"

seta s_numberOfSpeakers "6"

seta s_forceNumberOfSpeakers "0"

seta s_enable_voice "1"

seta s_enable_mic "1"

seta com_machineSpec "2"

seta com_allowConsole "0"

seta com_videoRam "1797"

seta com_useFastVidRestart "0"

seta r_multiSamples "1"

seta r_mode "23"

seta r_displayRefresh "0"

seta r_fullscreen "1"

seta r_customWidth "1366"

seta r_customHeight "768"

seta r_aspectRatio "1"

seta r_customAspectRatioH "16"

seta r_customAspectRatioV "10"

seta net_serverMaxClientRate "16000"

seta net_showMatchMaking "0"

seta net_serverVoipQuality "6"

seta net_serverVoipEnabled "1"

seta net_p2pVoipSendRate "0"

seta net_serverAllowHijacking "1"

seta win_xpos "3"

seta win_ypos "22"

seta net_socksEnabled "0"

seta net_socksServer ""

seta net_socksPort "1080"

seta net_socksUsername ""

seta net_socksPassword ""

seta m_rawInput "1"

seta in_XInputSmartConnect "1"

seta r_ccfAllowLATCCompression "0"

seta g_cheapDecalsMaxDistance "16384"

seta g_votePassPercentage "51"

seta g_minAutoVotePlayers "0"

seta testLightColor "1.0 1.0 1.0"

seta si_name "Brink Server"

seta si_maxPlayers "16"

seta si_maxTeamSize "8"

seta si_maxPlayersHuman "16"

seta si_privateClients "0"

seta si_teamDamage "0"

seta si_inhibitSpectators "0"

seta si_needPass "0"

seta si_rules "sdGameRulesCampaign"

seta si_timelimit "20"

seta si_teamForceBalance "1"

seta si_minPlayers "1"

seta si_allowLateJoin "1"

seta si_noProficiency "0"

seta si_disableGlobalChat "0"

seta si_serverURL ""

seta si_scoreLimit "30"

seta g_emptyServerRestartMap "30"

seta g_taskContextMaxAngle "30"

seta g_taskContextMinAngle "7"

seta g_taskContextMinRange "64"

seta g_taskContextMaxRange "512"

seta pm_bobFixation "1"

seta g_maxPlayerWarnings "0"

seta g_allowComplaint_charge "0"

seta g_allowComplaint_explosives "1"

seta g_complaintLimit "6"

seta g_complaintGUIDLimit "4"

seta g_execMapConfigs "0"

seta g_teamSwitchDelay "20"

seta g_warmupDamage "1"

seta g_muteSpecs "0"

seta g_gameReviewPause "0.75"

seta g_xpSave "1"

seta g_maxSpectateTime "0"

seta g_autoReadyPercent "80"

seta g_autoReadyWait "0.167"

seta g_bodyTypeLightColor "0.4883 0.6484 0.2773 1"

seta g_bodyTypeMediumColor "0.0000 0.2773 0.9961 1"

seta g_bodyTypeHeavyColor "0.8594 0.1367 0.0000 1"

seta g_abilitiesGlobal ""

seta g_abilitiesSoldier ""

seta g_abilitiesEngineer ""

seta g_abilitiesMedic ""

seta g_abilitiesOperative ""

seta gui_forcePlatformGUI "0"

seta g_antiLag "1"

seta g_antiLagHistory "500"

seta g_antiLagDebug "0"

seta g_antiLagDebugOffset "500"

seta g_noBotSpectate "0"

seta g_damageIndicatorSize "550"

seta net_matchMakingSearchTimeout "60"

seta net_serverListMaxResults "1000"

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Added steven's brink video to the first post in this thread. Keep up the good work fellas.

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Seems to follow the same quake console design that was subsequently used in half life and tons of other games.

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Great vids here they are coming in regularly.

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Yes reminds me of Quake, Unreal, Half Life etc...

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Bring Benchmark - Mission 3, online coop

Settings - All High, All options enabled EXCEPT SSAO. This cuts your frames in half. Literally. Not worth it. What I did was create a custom autoexec.cfg to make sure all other options are enabled. AA and AF enabled. Looks great and smooth as silk.

2011-05-10 23:45:40 - brink

Frames: 13671 - Time: 197216ms - Avg: 69.320 - Min: 50 - Max: 108

Custom config adds...

seta r_softParticles "1"

seta r_useHighQualityPostProcess "1"

seta r_useShadowMaps "1"

seta r_shadowsHighQuality "1"

seta r_useThreadedRenderer "1"

seta s_numberOfSpeakers "2"

seta s_forceNumberOfSpeakers "2"

seta s_enable_voice "1"

seta s_enable_mic "1"

seta com_machineSpec "2"

seta com_allowConsole "1"

seta com_videoRam "1797"

seta r_multiSamples "1"

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So far I have played Crysis 2 (custom config settings) , Dead space 2, MW2, Portal 2 and all these games run amazing on the M14x .

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So far I have played Crysis 2 (custom config settings) , Dead space 2, MW2, Portal 2 and all these games run amazing on the M14x .

Welcome to Tech | Inferno TitanGod, glad to have you here... I like your avatar!

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Witcher2 out tomorrow - cant wait to see how it goes on the M14x -actually, I think I might bring it to work so I can load it

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@mxm - Let us know how the witcher 2 plays! I tried the first one and didn't like the control structure... but I try to clear all preconceptions when new games come out. I really liked two worlds 2, love oblivion but didn't care for Dragons Age 2.

Looking forward to hearing your review!

Best Wishes,


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Settings... See Screenshot but in a nutshell.. ALL HIGH, NO HBAO, NO AA/AF NO VSYNC. Dx10

Benchmark Type (Dynamic), logged while in 32 player MP match, Rush Isla Innocente.

System: I7-2630qm, 555mGT @ 750/1000 driver 170.61


2011-05-15 23:17:24 - BFBC2Game

Frames: 28046 - Time: 266902ms - Avg: 105.080 - Min: 44 - Max: 162

2011-05-15 23:22:29 - BFBC2Game

Frames: 82908 - Time: 987159ms - Avg: 83.986 - Min: 26 - Max: 155 <--- Notice extreme server lag killed the score but still very high.

A couple of quick tips to great performance out of BFBC2.

1. Check your PERFORMANCE tab of your TASKMGR. If your cpu goes above ZERO at idle then you need to optimize.

2. In your BFBC2 config file, make sure render frames ahead is set to ZERO.

3. Set DX level to 10 or 9.

4. For MP make sure network throttling is disabled.

5. Never enable HBAO... It kills performance and no real improvement.

Good Luck and Happy Pew Pewing.


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Agreed on the HBAO setting, I see a minimal visual impact with it but a big performance delta. Not really worth enabling for the minor increase in eye candy.

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What huge waste of time.. COD MW2.. can't even spawn without kids and tubes blowing up everywhere. F'that shit right now. un-installed in less than 30 seconds thanks to steam. For those worried about this crap game, 90fps average.

Good riddance to this pos.


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I tried to play battlefield but my screen keeps flickering. I'm plugged in and GPU is in max perf...

any ideas?

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Battlefield 2 or BFBC2? I dont have Battlefield 2 only BFBC2. I added both exe game and updater to white list. That should allow you to run it. Let me know.

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I played some of the Witcher (1) and I liked the graphics and decided I'd deal with the abnormal control scheme.

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What huge waste of time.. COD MW2.. can't even spawn without kids and tubes blowing up everywhere. F'that shit right now. un-installed in less than 30 seconds thanks to steam. For those worried about this crap game, 90fps average.

Good riddance to this pos.


I never liked COD series online play. Some swear by it though.

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If you guys have any probs with installation just edit the nvdm.inf file and make sure the nvidia 555m GT is in the device list. It should work.

Edited by Stevenxowens792

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    • By Miyagi1007
      Hello guys so i bought a used alienware m17x r3 with hd 6870m on it, so when i was trying to boot well it goes to the windows 7 loading screen that says starting windows after that the screen turns white and goes to bsod saying atikmpag.sys
      also i attempt to switch my integrated gpu to my discrete card ( hd6870m)  and i wont switch at all 
      Responses are highly appreciated 
      Thank you in advance
    • By Freddyicy
      I have spent a little time in the past few days looking around this site. I would love for someone to point me in the right direction to a forum that has information that could help me out with my problem.
      I have a:
      Alienware M17XR3 
      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
      Intel I7-2820QM 2.3
      Bios InsydeH20 Version 1.0 A12
      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M
      (4x) 4 GB Ram
      samsung 2.5" 256 SSD (SATA3.0Gbps)
      It has been an amazing machine for the last 10+ years. Minor issues, nothing that an Alien Respawn could not fix, till now! On battery power it works just perfect.  Then I plug it in and it's all OK until I try to do anything, and then the screen goes white. The screen sometimes goes yellow, sometimes blue, but mostly white screen. It will do nothing until I do a hard reset (holding the power button till it turns off and turn it back on) with the power unplugged.  If the power is not unplugged then it will go through boot up to windows swirling dots then go white again. If I plug it in and do nothing I can charge it, unplug and continue what i was doing. I have tried a lot of solutions bouncing around the internet, and thought I was having a DC Jack connection issue (replaced the ac/dc power adapter, then the motherboard). I get a better connection now but with the same white screen result. I stumbled into this forum and I'm hoping to find solutions to my issues.  Then upgrade like so many others have.
      Any ideas, comments or suggestions welcome.
      Thank you in advance!
    • By Swick1981
      Bios Release Version – v2.0.0

      Updated or Modded Items:
      SVL7 Also created the PRR2.EXE tool that allows you to flash the new bios by unlocking it.  (FULL CREDIT GOES TO HIM FOR THAT FILE PRR2.EXE)
      Here are ALL the things I've added, modded, and enhanced on this bios -
      I've added FULL LEGACY SUPPORT ON THIS BIOS with ONE or TWO CARDS (SLI).  You can FINALLY use Win 7 OS on your machine and run the 900 series GPU's! 
      This is a MAJOR breakthrough!
      LEGACY SUPPORT Confirmed.  Works with 900 series GPu's in single OR SLI formation Updated the Intel RST Legacy to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated Intel RST UEFI to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated the ONBOARD Video Card for the HD3xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132 Updated ONBOARD Video Card for the HD4xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132 Updated the LAN Firmware & PXE Boot from to v2.0.6.6 ADDED NvMe Support for m18xr2 ADDED M.2 support for m18xr2 Updated CPU Microcode to v29 for the 2900 CPU's Updated CPU Microcode to v1c for the 3900 CPU's Updated GOP Driver for Intel Sandy Bridge CPU Updated GOP Driver for Intel Ivy Bridge CPU Updated MAIN GOP Policy module for the m18xR2 Eliminated some code that wasn't used in the m18xR2 Updated CSM Module (v2) Streamline some coding to make mod(s) run a little more efficiently (v2) Added FPARTS.TXT to rar file in v2. (I had forgot to add it in v1) v2.5 to be released shortly.  I've updated a few more modules that I didn't realize could be updated.  (It's only 3 modules, but it's still an update!)   It should be released in about a week.  Hope this helps ya'll!  
      Instructions to flash:
      Use a flash drive to create a boot disk into dos Unzip ALL files into the root of the flash drive (flash.bat, r2final.bin, fpt.exe, flash.bat, prr2.exe, fparts.txt,m18r2.hdr, m18r2.hdr.bin, readmefirst.txt) BOOT INTO DOS – Note, that when you set the bios to legacy in order to boot into dos, you MAY have to reinstall OS!  (Just be prepared to reinstall no matter what) Once you boot into dos, run the file flash.bat It will unlock your bios (THANKS TO SVL7’s BIOS UNLOCKING TOOL – ALL CREDIT TO HIM FOR THIS TOOL!) Let it flash… Reboot your pc, and enjoy the MASSIVE updates!  
      Be on the lookout as I do plan to release newer version with more updates in the future.  However, it wont be for at least a few weeks as I'm now working on legacy support for the m17xR4 and several other systems.  So please be patient!
      Thread link for more information and discussion:
    • By svl7
      Files contained in this archive:
      FTP-DOS.zip prr2.zip M18x R2 - BIOS A03 'unlocked.zip M18x R2 - BIOS A08 'unlocked.zip M18x_R2_-_BIOS_A08_-_[unlocked]_-_[IRST].zip M18x_R2_BIOS_A03_-_[unlocked] - [IRST].zip M18x_R2_BIOS_A09_-_[unlocked].zip [FPT]-M18x_R2_BIOS_A09_-_[unlocked].zip [FPT]-M18x_R2_BIOS_A10_-_[unlocked]_V2.zip M18x_R2_-_BIOS_A08_-_[unlocked].zip M18x_R2_BIOS_A03_-_[unlocked].zip  
      For information on how to use the files in this archive, see here:
      My donation link in case you want to buy me a beer
    • By Crustieraxe
      Hello Guys this is my first post here!
      So my original post was this:
      "I don't even know if any active forum is out there on this laptop and on this issue, but after installing my new DHCG2 LTN173HT02 120hz display, I am unable to boot up on it. I do have a modded bios which the video setting is set to PEG, and just about read every forum about this but have not found a solution. I have tried resetting the bios, made sure the cable is plugged into the Edp port, and have made sure I have an UFEI Windows installation and legacy mode is turned off. I don't know what else to do and if anyone could help it would mean alot to me! "
      The reason it was not booting up on a pure UEFI environment is because my 660m did not have the GOP compliant driver vbios. You would need this in order to boot up in a pure UEFI environment which at the time I didn't know, and my fix was to stick to legacy. Any card before the 660m will most likely require this if you need to boot up in a pure UEFI environment. If you do not have this vbios driver while it is set to UEFI and plug in the 120hz lcd, it will beep 8 times and you will be forced to plug back in the 60hz display to change it back to legacy.
      This was the vbios that I can say worked for me and had the GOP compliant driver for the 660m
      These are the steps to upgrade from a normal 1600x900 60hz display to a 1920x1080 3D 120hz Display which is needed if you want to update your graphics card to a more modern one.
      I am making this guide because I felt frustrated that for this awesome computer, there aren't really any post in 2020 to upgrade the LCD panel to the 3D 120hz one. And The older posts I scavaged through really helped me little in doing this upgrade.
      Anyways lets begin
      1) If you have a stock AMD graphics card, and are wanting to install the 120hz display, then your journey ends here and you will have to upgrade to an NVIDIA graphics card to do so. If you have an NVIDIA, you may continue
      1a) ( Only if upgrading to pascal graphics card )Your NVIDIA card Needs to have a GOP compliant vbios  or else it will not let you select the UEFI option on the bios. This is needed because you need to set a UEFI environment before upgrading to a 1060/1070 Since these cards don't support legacy mode. This means you will need to flash a vbios onto your card that will allow you to boot on a UEFI Environment. You will need to verify first wether your card has a GOP compliant vbios by searching up your vbios version in GPU-Z. If you have a 660m that doesn't have this, then here is the link to that vbios that does. https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/144032/144032 I think that all of the Nvida 6XXm are not GOP driver compliant and need this but do not quote me.
      2) On the 60hz display, I would start by making sure that you have windows 10 installed or reinstall with UEFI support as it is needed if you are installing a pascal graphics card. If you have legacy mode enabled, and are not planning to upgrade to a pascal graphics card and keeping your old Nvidia 6XXM, then disregard this and head on to step 5 (although I would recommend to read everything)
      3) turn the laptop off and boot into the bios. In order to boot into the bios, spam the F2 key while it is turning on.
      4) Once in the bios, go to the Boot menu, and make sure to Disable "Secure Boot", Make sure that importantly if you converted over to a UEFI installation of windows, UEFI mode is chosen (UEFI  Environment will be needed for a pascal graphic card and legacy will not be compatible) then again, if you are on a legacy installation of windows 10, disregard this if you don't want to upgrade to a pascal graphics card.
      5) we can now start looking at the 120hz display. I bought mine on ebay with this seller https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Dell-Alienware-M17X-R4-17-3-FHD-WLED-3D-V-M-LCD-Screen-DP-N-DHCG2-GN36T/273644412867?hash=item3fb67a5fc3:g:9A0AAOSw5AhcP1pw:sc:USPSPriority!32720!US!-1 (Just in case the link goes bad, this was the listing name"Alienware M17X R4 17.3" FHD WLED 3D V M LCD Screen DP/N DHCG2 GN36T"  with the screen model being  LTN173HT02 and Dell part number GN36T )
      6) Since my listing came with the video cables, I did not have to go out and look for the video cable. If yours did not come with the cables, You will also NEED to get the video cable it is required. the Dell Part number is N392W. I cannot stress enough This video cable is required and the 60hz's video cable CANNOT be used with the 120hz one or else you will brick your computer from what I read.
      7) Once it comes In, we can start to take apart the computer to Install our new display. I watched this video to remove the old 60hz and install the 120hz panel 
      8) Before I would remove the whole 60hz lcd panel, I would first make sure that you can boot on the 120hz panel. Notice that there is one connecter with screws on both sides right next to where the 60hz screen connecter is. Make sure that you put the 120hz one with the connector where screws are. This is known as the Edp port and cannot be confused with the LVDS port. Again, you want to plug the new 120hz display into the EDP port and unplug the 60hz one.
      9) If the installation was done correctly, then you should have no problem booting with the screen. if it is giving you 8 beeps, then just plug in the 60hz display, and navigate back to the bios to make sure everything is in order and refer back to steps 2-3. If you happen to be an advanced user like me and went ahead and installed a modded bios, then on the 60hz display make sure that the video setting is set to PEG. I dont think this is necessary to have a modded bios since the bios automatically changes the video setting when the 120hz display is detected and should be a last resort option to install a modded bios. I got my modded A12 bios from a guy in this forum named klem for 10 US dollars thorough paypal. Shoot him a message in the forum below.
      10) Once the new LCD is tested and you know you can boot up with no problems, go ahead and finish removing the old 60hz LCD and proceed to finish installing the 120hz LCD. And you are done. 
      A couple of words from my personal experience: When I installed the 120hz display, and booted up windows on it, and turned the computer off, it refused to turn on for some weird reason. I don't know why it would turn on when the AC and battery where on. regardless of what this was, I fixed it by Reseting the CMOS. If you don't know how to do this, do a quick google search and after turning it on i got 5 beeps which i then turned the computer off, and then turned it back on which the computer just reset itself and when it turned back on I was able to boot up into windows.
      This is the forum that I was able to find about upgrading the graphics card to the 1060.
      Anyways I hope I at least helped someone transform their computer! In 2020!
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