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uninstall GPU?

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I have an m18x with dual Radeon HD 6900Ms. When I got it a while ago, I tried to play Battlefield Bad Company 2, but the graphics had all sort of artifacts and it wasn't stable. I disabled CrossFire and everything worked fine, so I've left it that way since. Is CrossFire stable for all games, or is it typical to have it not work well? I'm actually pretty fine with just using one of the cards. Is it possible to uninstall the one that isn't being used? This would be nice to reduce some noise, heat, and weight.

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Gave it a try today. I took out one of the video cards and its fan, computer is working fine without it. I took out the one whose heatsink was furthest from the CPU heatsink. Not sure it makes a difference which I took out though. This is working though, sweet! :)

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