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Windows 8 and the Y500 -Your opinions please folks!

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I'd had to use WIndows 7, Windows 8 is just so bad in so many little ways I just can't tolerate it.

#1 reason is the startbar. I know you can get it back with say, Class Shell, but Classic Shell made my control panel the small icons, very inconvenient, and has an annoying habit of not going away during video games/movies.

Granted, there's usually a fix for most everything on Windows 8, but I shouldn't have to do that.

Recommend getting 7 immediately after getting a y500/10p, it'll save you the trouble of backing up all your files later when 8 has annoyed you too much.

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I'm enjoying the Y500 I have. Dual 750M's, with 120GB mSATA and 256GB SSD. It screams for the amount of money spent. Picked up a BDRW drive for it and an HD caddy for my linux boot (still dual booting W8.1 and Ubuntu seem to have some issues when you install Ubuntu on another drive. I wont get into that part because I've many options with no such luck. The only problem I've had with this laptop is the whitelisted BIOS junk... I would like my wirelessAC card to work. I found the forum here about modifying the BIOS, but now waiting to be approved for downloads.

I bought the y500 with dual 650's from a friend for around $500. I am jealous seeing everyone with the dual 700 series and the i7's, but for the price I couldn't pass it up. As now I will be more of a traveling tech with my job, a laptop is a great investment and couldnt argue the price. Hoping the dual 650's will be able to game somewhat!

The only thing I am disappointed in (besides windows 8) is the WIFI card. My new one comes in tomorrow, but my modified bios isn't taking (error 28). Hopefully by this weekend I can be on my 5ghz network at home and gaming away though :)

Edit: Figured out the error 28 problem, now COME ON WIFI CARD!

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