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The official Clevo benchmark thread..let the race begin!


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Below no longer relevant after launch of T|I 2.0


So... let's see what Clevo/Sager laptops can do 

How to submit your scores

1. Make a post in this thread that will contain a screenshot, provide a link of your results if it is a 3DMark Vantage/11/06 run and post anything else you feel like mentioning for that particular run, i.e ambient temperatures, cooling method, etc...

2. Go to Forms and locate your laptop and then click on the benchmark you want to submit your results

3. Complete the form. The last question of the form will ask you to submit the link of either your post or the link of the screenshot you took (i.e [ URL]www.example.com/1.jpg )

Note: You must type those tags (don't copy-paste them from this post, must be in capital letters, no spaces,) like the example above in order for the link to be clickable.

In case you want to edit or delete your submission or need assistance on how to submit your score check the guide here

************************************************** **************************************************

Clevo/Sager League

3DMark Vantage

3DMark 11

3DMark 06



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I'm sorry I did not notice your answer before.

My P150HM stock cooling system works well. It's full stable now up to 1100/2700MHz/1.05V for GPU and 2x4.4GHz for CPU.


No Fn+1

The K5KM results were with untouched card.

There is no Optimus/Enduro on P150/170HM.

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Hey guys, here is my benchmarks with stock gpu clocks. I haven't tweaked my system yet but will keep you posted when I do !

But first my spec is :

  • Chassis & Display : Clevo P150SM Matte Full HD LED Widescreen (1920x1080)
  • Processor (CPU) : Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Mobile Processor i7-4800MQ (2.70GHz) 6MB
  • Graphics Card : NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780M - 4.0GB DDR5 Video RAM - DirectX® 11
  • 1st Hard Disk : 120GB KINGSTON HYPERX 3K SSD, SATA 6 Gb/s (upto 555MB/sR | 510MB/sW)
  • 2nd Hard Disk : 500GB WD SCORPIO BLACK WD5000BPKT, SATA 3 Gb/s, 16MB CACHE (7200 rpm)
  • Sound Card : Intel 2 Channel High Definition Audio + MIC/Headphone Jack
  • Network Facilities : GIGABIT LAN & KILLER™ 1202 WIRELESS GAMING 802.11N + BLUETOOTH 4.0

3DMark11 : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M video card benchmark result - Intel® Core i7-4800MQ CPU @ 2.70GHz,Notebook P15SM

3DMark 2013 Firestrike : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M video card benchmark result - Intel® Core i7-4800MQ CPU @ 2.70GHz,Notebook P15SM

Also did a Windows performance yesterday and really good result :


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Here's an Alienware for you clevorr NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3940XM,Alienware M18xR2

Well I guess I have an advantage with 780M but your physics score sure is great.

Yeah can't really compare 680 with 780, its like chalk n cheese. If my machine had 780,s it would be another broken record but i couldn't be bothered and my 680,s work very well. Very Nice AW Score there though!! I think i am gonna wait for whatever is after the 780m then upgrade..

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4X4 Actual

Oh I see now how futuremark is saying you have 16GB with only 2 4GB sticks now.

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Im getting a p157sm next week :Banane44:

i7 4700mq

16GB Ram

GTX 780m

250GB SSd

As soon as i have it, i will post some benchmarks.

If Prema´s bios mod would be ready i:83: could test some OC too.

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Is there a recent CPU/GPU overclocking guide for Clevo/Sager laptops? While I have experimented with Intel XTU have gotten a 12.5k 3DMark 2011 bench with 780m SLI stock, seeing 680m SLI hitting 15k+ Custom XTU settings? Custom GPU settings? Voltage mods? Power supply upgrades?

Just wondering what a best practice is for someone who wants to try his hand on overclocking a gaming laptop. I see people posting benchmarks, but casual searching I see posts like this - http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/4372-780m-gtx-overclocking-2.html , but again the results are being discussed but not the steps on how to get there in a FAQ or Step by Step form. I am curious to try and find an overclock setting for the GPU's and CPU that will work with my Sager 9380-S with a default 330w brick.

Kind Regards,


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Hi guys somebody help me out.... I have a W230ST core i7 4700MQ with 8GB of ram. I have overclocked the machine with nvidia inspector with the following settings.

+135mhz on the core clocks and +400mhz on the memory clock. It won't go more than that as 3D MARK 2011 crashes. :( I am getting a score of 4778 but some people are getting a lot more than that. What to do? I am using a Thermaltake cooling pad which does a good job with the temps (lowering CPU up to 5 degrees centigrade - not bad for a €20 cooler).

Any suggestions on how to improve my 3D MARK score? Should I overvolt the GPU a bit in order to balance the high clocks? I don't know what to do. I appreciate an answer from the forum.

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@gnikolaides that depends, you need to figure out the reason behind 3DMark crashings. Is it due to high temps or due to lack of voltage with the higher clocks? If it's due to high temps overvolt won't help cause you need to keep temp low, otherwise overvolting will solve your problem. Also consider ambient temperature (if it's too high that won't help) also running the bench consecutive times won't improve your score cause the heatsinks are getting hot and they don't have enough time to cool down, plus some people when benchmarking tend to use a portable A/C unit blowing cold air directly to the heatsinks and helps them keep temps even lower therefore having extra headroom for higher clocks or voltage.

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    • By grechie
      Hi All,

      I picked up a Dell 680m - vBIOS 80.04.5B.00.02 - I think it is a 2GB version after doing some photo comparisons online.
      After doing some research I fitted it into my Clevo P150HM hoping it would work, but and I get no POST, the LCD screen is blank, the HDD light does show activity but after ~ 15 seconds or so, 3 blinking lights appear on the left (power light, caps and insert buttons?) and the computer beeps about 4 times before it completely powers off.

      I'm guessing that I'm going to need to flash it to a clevo bios since the clevo bios doesn't recognise the dell vBIOS?

      I am running the latest 1.01.14 bios and 1.00.13 EC firmware for my P150hm.

      Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I thought i would at least get a POST but then struggle with the driver installation but i cant even get it to POST...


    • By ivm
      Many of us are discontent that we can't freely swap dell and clevo AMD cards (7970m  and new rx480 included) but it seems that I may have found some clue to this problem.
      Few years ago I bought a broken p170em with some ugly black 6990m. It looked like it was baked in the oven with some cookies.
      I put it in my p150em and it was working normally with all sensors, data, etc. No beeping, no turning off.
      What I noticed was that the other soic8 chip "2" (apl-something) was swapped as well as the main bios chip "1".
      No other components were swapped and, as you know, if you just flash the main chip it won't save you from beeping.
      Unfortunately I sold this card as it wasn't powerful enough for me, but now I've ordered a rx480 that I can currently use only in my gt70 and  I think it gives me some clues how to put this thing into a clevo laptop.
      Does anyone have any Idea what that APL-somehing chip is and does it have its own firmware?

    • By plutomaniac
      Clevo W2xxHNx/W2xxHPx series Modded & Stock BIOS
      Note: This thread is no longer updated. You can find the latest info HERE.
      Notice: Make sure you have downloaded the correct Mod for your specific model and that the laptop's or a UPS battery backup is present during the update process.
      Disclaimer: I do not hold any responsibility for any problems that may occur by using the mods in a wrong way. Remember that you flash these at your own risk. I have personally tested the W25xHNx mod. Since the laptops mentioned here are of the same series and thus almost identical, you shouldn't face any problems with the rest of them. The same changes were made to all models after ensuring that their stock counterparts are identical to the tested W25xHNx laptop.
      Note: All mods contain both the Modded and Stock BIOS image files so that you can go back in case you want to. Use Mod.bat or Stock.bat at a DOS environment respectively. Check the Flashing Guide below for detailed instructions.
      W2xxHNx/W2xxHPx Mod Changelog:
      Intel Sandy Bridge 206A7 CPU microcode 29 --> 2D
      Intel Management Engine 1.5MB firmware -->
      Intel HD Graphics 3000 vBios 2170 --> 2171
      Updated flashers to AFUDOS v3.07.01 and FWUpdate v7.1.50.1166
      Intel Management Engine 1.5MB firmware -->
      Intel HD Graphics 3000 vBios 2117 --> 2170
      JMicron JMC25x Gigabit Ethernet Controller -->
      Intel Sandy Bridge 206A7 CPU microcode 12 --> 29
      Removed redundant Intel Sandy Bridge 206A7 CPU microcode 14
      Added support for Intel Core i7-2820QM ES/QS processor (W25xHPW)
      Fixed grammar mistake at Resuming from Hibernation image
      Fixed spelling mistakes at Advanced tab (Alart --> Alarm)
      Merged BIOS & EC firmware into a single image file
      Correct BIOS version & date reported in Windows
      Clevo W25xHNx series BIOS v1.01.07 & EC v1.00.06 [Mod v1.2]

      Supported Models (*): W251HNQ, W251HNQ-C, W255HN, W253HNQ1, W253HNQ, W258HNQ etc...
      Clevo W25xHPx series BIOS v1.01.07 & EC v1.00.08 [Mod v1.2]

      Supported Models (*): W251HPQ, W251HPQ-C, W255HP, W253HPQ1, W253HPQ, W258HPQ etc...
      Clevo W27xHNx series BIOS v1.01.05 & EC v1.00.04 [Mod v1.2]

      Supported Models (*): W270HNQ etc...
      Clevo W27xHPx series BIOS v1.01.05 & EC v1.00.05 [Mod v1.2]

      Supported Models (*): W270HPQ etc...
      Clevo W25xHPW series BIOS v1.01.05 & EC v1.00.04 [Mod v1.2]

      Supported Models (*): W251HPW, W255HPW, W258HPW, W253HPW1, W253HPW etc...
      Flashing Guide (Text & Video):
      1. Create a bootable MSDOS/FreeDOS USB flash-drive using Rufus
      2. Copy all files relevant to your model at the USB flash-drive's root directory
      3. Plug the USB flash drive at your laptop's USB 2.0 port
      4. Restart and press F2 to enter BIOS to make sure that you do not have any BIOS or HDD password protection
      5. Restart and press F7 to enter the Boot Order menu at which select your USB flash drive
      6a. To update your BIOS & EC to the latest modded version, type Mod
      6b. To update your BIOS & EC to the latest stock version, type Stock
      7. Follow the easy on-screen prompts to finish the update process
      8. The first time after the update, the laptop will boot and automatically restart quickly
      9. Press F2 to enter BIOS and Load Setup Defaults followed by Save Changes and Reset
      10. You have successfully updated your BIOS & EC to the latest modded/stock versions
      (*) As shown at Clevo Bios Mirror and laptop Service Manuals
      Special thanks to Lordkag for the help and advice.
    • By shogun
      Fellow Users, I kindly ask every owner of Clevo P170SM to share their experience with updating their system with Prema BIOS P170SM_34_31_PM_v2.
      Q: What is the checksum of the official "P170SM_34_31_PM_v2.rar"?
      A: MD5 checksum is: 07198c20968275d6004562d4e5da89ef
      Q: What is the password to "P170SM_34_31_PM_v2.rar"?
      A: The password is: premamod.com
    • By shogun
      Which one of the above is the official website dedicated to Prema BIOS mod and why they all seem dead? Including the last one - according to TechInferno, Prema's last visit here was on Dec 2, 2016. Is Prema long done with creating custom firmware?

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