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TH05 Recall Notice

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Apparently the TH04 should be coming out Summer 2013 meaning sometime soon? Anyone have any updates on this??

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heey guys,

pretty new to the forum, first post, with some concerning bad news...

i contacted Bplus about their TH line and it's not promising;

I noticed you have a recall notice for the TH05 and TH03.

Now you stated that there we be a replacement for this wish will be released under the name TH04, in Q1/Q2.

Now, Q2 has already passed and there is absolutely null information what so ever about you're thunderbolt product line??

In what stage of development is the TH04 and when can we expact the TH04 ?


Hi Lennart,

Thank you for follow up our web side.

Before TH04 is our Roadmap product now we stop development for it.

Thank you for mail.

Best Regards,



To clarify things, you stopped development on the thunderbolt product?? Does this include ALL thunderbolt products? Or just the TH04. Bacause I want to know if I'm waiting for nothing!


Hi Lennart,

Sorry for let you waiting so long. According to our company police, we are

stop production all TH items.

Best Regards,


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