IHISI Flash write error in SMI? Bios update

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When i click the BIOS version i want to download it opens insydeflash normally but then it comes up with an error.

IHISI: Flash write error in SMI!

SMI Return Code: 0x25

i downgraded to a08 for no reason, just a test, now when i click on any bios version it comes up with the error..

i downgraded my bios perfectly earlier and it worked so i dont understand why this wont.. all i want to do is unlock my bios and disable damn hyperthreading so i can play a game.

Any ideas ? :( i am pretty computer savvy but try and explain it simply!

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Hey, this might not be the best answer but I've just had this problem as well and after a bit of googling I found this on wikipedia, related to SMM, therefore to SMI.

"By design, the operating system cannot override or disable the SMI. Due to this fact, it is a target for malicious rootkits to reside in."

Therefore thats the reason why this error occurs when trying to update bios, I think.

Anyway, after getting the error, my pc restarted and there were no problems at all, seemingly everything went actually right.

Full link to wiki for more info: System Management Mode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sorry for such a late answer, good luck and have a nice day!

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I got the same error for flashing modded bios, but it worked fine on official bios.

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im trying to do the same, but maybe because im trying to go from a14 to a03 it gives me the same error even though i got the bios from dell 

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