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Cooling a 5750G?

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I've jus bought a 5750g second hand (i5 2430M 2.4 GHz & nvidia 540M 2GB) and it's running really hot, i'm getting 95+ temperatures on both the cpu and gpu while gaming, so big thermal throttling framerate drops apply. The thing is that the fan looks almost perfectly clean so i'm discarding that option but given the fact that this laptop only have one heatsink for the cpu the gpu and the chipset and that the fan is not providing enough air flow i want to ask you for some cooling tricks to lower the full load temp to 80 or 85.

About the fan, it doesn't achieve the same rate under load that the one it gets while booting, just after powering the laptop the fan goes crazy and then drops to it's usual rate and that's not enough.

At the moment i'm thinking on:

-replacing the stock thermal compound

-buying a cooling pad <-not a big fan of this one, i think the system should take care of itself

-hacking the fan to bypass the pwm control and soldering it directly to a 5v line, jet engine rpm on demand.

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After you do the repaste I think you will be under 85C.

Also usually you can't see if there is dust between the heatsink and the fan without taking it apart (literally pull the fan from the heatsink).

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I hope i can get to 85 only with the new paste wi'll see. In this laptop you can actually see the fan in trough a vent in the bottom, lighting it with a flashligth it's possible to see if the blades are dusty, anyway i'm going to open the laptop for repasting so i'll clean the fan while i'm at it.

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I hope i can get to 85 only with the new paste wi'll see. In this laptop you can actually see the fan in trough a vent in the bottom, lighting it with a flashligth it's possible to see if the blades are dusty, anyway i'm going to open the laptop for repasting so i'll clean the fan while i'm at it.

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I had same problem. You should open fan itself and clean dust inside, use Arctic cooling paste and NEVER play a game without cooling pad!

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Also, Acer made small simple app that in theory should allow you to run your cooler at max speed. App name is Fan Controller (how originally), you can download it from Acer site. In my case, fan does go max speed, drops temp 40-50 C, and then stops completely until temp rises. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesnt work at all and I have to restart system in order to speed up fan.

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I still don't like it. If I turn the laptop on and forget to start Fan Controller, temp goes to 70 C. I am going to hardwire fan to 5V supply so it runs at max speed all the time. I just have to figure out where to hijack 5V from. If anyone knows, please do tell.

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Do the repaste, I had the same issue with my Acer 5750G with GT 630M and an i3 (Given the i3 probably produce less heat) Anyhow I was hitting 85-90C constantly. I repasted with Artic Silver 5 (Still good stuff & easy to find) I always do a good tiny X of thermal paste in the middle I always found it to work best than the dot)

Now I idle around 40C and pushing it I don't go past 65-70C its been great, Do it for GPU&CPU. Clean the fan out and clean the cooling fins of the laptop cooler. I think there is a few tiny thermal pads in there if you do find any don't throw them away reuse them or replace them-

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I would also recommend repasting it. Especially because you bought it second hand and the notebook is from 2011.

I had the same notebook some years ago. It ran very hot. Replacing thermal paste helped a lot. In combination with the "Fan Controller" Application, it was o.k..

But had to replace the paste pretty often.

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      Hey, there. Few month ago I bought this laptop and it’s awesome, though it has some cons. I’ll describe everything in this thread. Also I’m searching for someone, who will share his time and help me crack its’ bios

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      Outstanding performance, take a look at this data https://goo.gl/oyF9dl, almost all games run over 60 fps in 1080 and over 30 fps in 4k. Take a look a several gameplay videos that I’ve captures on this beast, all of them were captured in 4k resolution, on ultra settings with no AA:

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      The Witcher 3 - https://youtu.be/dJicr6we0z0
      Quantum Break - https://youtu.be/PNofDssIgS4
      (1080 with max AA) Crysis 3 - https://youtu.be/H1ja_BhD0-Q
      Resident Evil 7 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiF-zhTwNDE
      Battlefield 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypOEnJ9KbKs
      Dishonored 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhtvj4BkiMc

      Only in  Ghost Recon Wildlands I had less then 30 fps https://youtu.be/lbeW9PZvsUo

      And bad sides:

      Thought laptop is 15inch, its bulky as hell, thank god it looks okay, not like some previous gaming crap lappys: http://www.notebookcheck.net/uploads/tx_nbc2/toshiba_qosmio_x305_q725_01.jpg
      Screen has some ghosting, previous static images can stay on screen for some time. Not this laptop, but image illustrates the issue: https://goo.gl/H42OCJ 
      Some laptops has overheating issue on CPU. Though in rarely influence on performance, its still sad thing to have in such big laptop. Issue described in this thread: https://goo.gl/KjNNBN, simple CPU repasting solves the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVEpuZNWLxw
      Stepback in turms of battery life since g-sync laptops doesn’t support nvidia optimus. Around 4-5 hours of work.

    • By Sharp0009
      Hollo, It's my first post. Few weeks ago I made setup:
      Acer Aspire V3-772G
      i7 4702MQ, 4 cores 2.2 ghz.
      8GB DDR3 ram
      1 TB 5.2k HDD
      120GB SSD
      Windows 8.1 works on SSD
      BIOS InsydeH2O 3.7 fully unlocked
      My external setup :
      EXP GDC beast v7
      GTX 1060 6GB MSI ARMOR
      600W PSU
      please note my PSU and GPU is completely new.
      I can play games very well, however games randomly  crash it takes from 5 to 40 mins to crash. Also I noticed crash sometimes happens not playing anything, desktop turns black. That's my only problem and I can't find a fix. Also please not after crash Windows recovers quickly.
      what I have tried :
      - Because Acer has no white list, I have unlocked BIOS and disabled dGPU, after that everything started to work. Please note my dGPU is broken, can't do any 3D render for some reason...
      - I have tried few different versions, like Windows 10, windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Now currently I'm using Windows 8.1 it seem to give best performance.
      - Nvidia drivers I have tried is only few versions, however game still crashing.
      -I haven't tried 1.30 setup that much main reason is that, I don't really know what to do there and also can't start Windows after configure.
      - Mainly I'm testing on GTA V, however I've tried different games like Tomb rider or wither 3.
      - Also played with EXP GDC v7 switches, these makes no effect at all.
      - switching to gen1 in bios also made no difference. I only receive poor performance in games.
      - I have also done cpu monitoring all seem very perfect. No problems with power and so.
      lastly, I'm waiting for any help what I could do with my setup. Also you can ask me for any information I'll be happy to provide it.
      please help me to fix this problem.

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