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Msi-gt683 + nvidia 675m = true?

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Hi all...

I own a MSI GT680 and I would like to upgrade the GPU.

My questions are:

Does the 7970m and GTX675m (2 or 4 GB) works with this notebook model?

Which graphic card is better in terms of performance and issues for this notebook model - 7970m or GTX675m?

Do I have to buy a new heat sink or does the stock one from GTX460m fit both of these cards (7970m or GTX675m)?

Do I have to upgrade the vbios in these cards in order to make them work on this notebook?

The original PSU is 150W. Do I have to buy a new PSU with 180W or 220W?

Thanks for your answer.

I'm using GT780 with 675M - upgraded from 560M

I had to modify heatsink - worked fine, temps were fine but I bought genuine 675M heatsink anyway - just for sure.

Basically I just had to use dremel and saw off some tiny bits so it will fit correctly. As I said, it worked fine but I've replaced it anyway I was too paranoid.

I'm using 150W acad! so far it was enough.120W acad wasn't. (Mine MSI was GX780 with GT555M originally, then upgraded to 560M now 675M)

Regarding the vBios ... it worked fine with original dell vbios, at least the graphics - the problems are with HDMI/VGA port, not supporting drivers without modded inf, unable to dim LCD brightness etc.

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Well, you say propably but that's not satisfying me. Is here someone who had done that modification and could tell me?

Confirmed, I've modified heatsink from 560M so it now fits 580M.

It took me about 5 minutes. You just need to saw off 2 or 3 small squares from the heatsink, I've used a dremel.

The heatsink was fine, fit very well, except for one voltage capacitor which wasnt touching the heatsink. I used 3x 0.5mm thermal pad and it was fine. I've been using it for over 3 months then replaced it with a genuine 580M heatsink from ebay - just for sure. But the temps didnt change so mine "modded" heatsink is as effective as the original one. Temps are max 41 celsius idle, 86 celsius stressed.

Depends on the room temperature and also, I have 675M, which has a tiny bit higher clock rates.

So if you dont have two left hands you can mod the heatsink in a few minutes. If you got the right tools.

I can send you some pics if interested.

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To the ones that changed to the 7970m, are your 3d mark GPU scores around the 5500-6000 mark? or are they a little lower?

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On 31.1.2013 at 9:29 AM, majster msi said:

There is method to disable optimus in bios gtx680m after that it should work. Nvidia quadro k5000 works with msi 16F2.

That the K5000M and GTX680M works in MS-16F2 You must show me ,this is a Kepler GK104 Chip.

GK104 Chip don`t work in this Barebone.



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