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This game has gotten pretty high reviews and deservedly so because I just finished it (high chaos, evil ending) and I loved every minute of playing it. I'm not the type to finish SP games either, I usually get bored and quit (e.g. Skyrim, Witcher 2 etc) but this game kept me intrigued the entire time which says a lot about it. The rune system worked really well and the relationship you build with the characters in the game determines how everything will play out. I hope they make a sequel to this because I think this game is up there with the Half Life series in how fun it is.

Some spoilers:

Bad & good ending of the game:


Screenshots I took with Xfire 7970M during the game and parts of the ending:


Discussion: Is Corvo Attano Emily's father?

My view is that he is not her father even though there's a lot of hearsay that suggests otherwise. I think that to Emily he is like a father but not her biological one, instead he is supremely loyal to her and her mother. There are rumors that he was sleeping with Emily's late mother (the Empress) but that could just be gossip or there may have been truth to it. IMO he likely didn't sleep with the Empress either, instead he was just super loyal and close to her.

Some things to note:

1. The admiral speculates in his journal whether Corvo really is Emily's father.

2. Pendelton before dying says, "we all know you were sleeping with the empress" or something to that effect.

3. Emily draws a photo of Corvo that is titled, "Daddy".

4. At the end, Emily buries Corvo in the same tombstone as her mother and the Outsider says you were more to her than just Royal Protector.

So you might argue that the above 3 are evidence enough that he's her father and I'd contend none of it is definitive proof. The first 2 are just speculation from gossipers, #3 could be because she's fatherless and Corvo has always been there for her as a father figure and #4 follows that line of reasoning because she always views Corvo as more than just Royal Protector.

The developers did a good job leaving Emily and Corvo's relationship ambiguous because then the player can make up his or her own mind about how they viewed Corvo and ultimately the Empress as--a protector and an Empress breaking social norms and having an affair or Corvo just being a loyal protector.

My biggest complaint with the Crossfire 7970M (12.8 WHQL driver) is that the UE3 streaming textures causes a lot of hitches. I heard this problem was mainly with AMD cards but I'll investigate further when my 680M SLI cards get here on Tuesday. I played the game with max settings in game with SSAO + enhanced AA enabled in the AMD control panel. Framerate was generally 60+ the entire time except for parts where the texture streaming took place (mainly during the beginning of a level) and it would cause hitching.

My overall rating for the game:

Fun factor: 10/10

Gameplay/Controls: 9/10

Replayability: 9/10 (multiple endings)

Graphics: 8.5/10

Sound/Music: 9/10


Metacritic overall: 91

IGN: 92

PC Gamer: 92

Gamespot: 90

Gamespy: 90

Edge Magazine: 90

Game Informer: 88








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Pretty awesome i plan to play this through soon. Thanks for posting the great pics. Ill be playing on the same gpus but the 12.9 beta 7900modded drivers and ill see how it runs for me on those drivers.

Paranoid Galaxy S3 on Tapatalk 2

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I spent 5 minutes with the game and uninistalled it. I hated the play style, maybe I should give it a second look after such goo reviews.

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I spent 5 minutes with the game and uninistalled it. I hated the play style, maybe I should give it a second look after such goo reviews.

The play style is why this game is getting rave reviews. But not everyone will enjoy it I guess.

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The play style is why this game is getting rave reviews. But not everyone will enjoy it I guess.

Its very bloody and backstabbing lol is encouraged. If your into violent games its up your alley and the gameplay differs from the other games Bethesda puts out like Skyrim and Fallout.

Paranoid Galaxy S3 on Tapatalk 2

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I have this game but I haven't gotten very far. I need to get back into it myself. And am I the only one who thinks Corvo looks like a steampunk version of Dr. Doom? :P

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I have the game now and played through. but I must say we've had expected more. The graphics looks so not bad, but I am missing a few more options.

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Game looks alright with sparse grid SSAA. I was new to stealth games to Dishonored was very fun for me.

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Play style does take some getting use to. As the fellow above me pointed out, it is very fun :D

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I really liked this game I play it with ps3 controller game play seems pretty good I'm running it on a m11x r3 and it runs smooth on it.

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Just ordered this after reading all the reviews looks amazing plus the drunken whaler trailer is well creepy .... :| i see people metion issues with AMD card i take it no such hassle with 680ms?

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I found this game takes a while to get into but once you do its a really good game. The only problem is as soon as you get some where and start to enjoy it you come to its very short story mode.

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For me this game is a good surprise. The cross over between an Elder Scroll game, Assassin's Creed and the Thief serie. Even if as dale350zman says, the story mode is quite short and the overall freedom is quite limited. Anyway, an excellent game for me.

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Same for me. The game was very nice but too short to my mind. I actually would buy a DLC for this game, which would add some hours of game but there is any. If only...

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Game is great. I play it one on my old laptop and now i want to give it a try again on lenovo y500. This time im gonna try different way to pass through guards :)

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I've put 70 hours in this game. 5 playthroughs including a no kill and detection on the hardest difficulty for both the main game and Daud DLC's. I wish there were more stealth based games like this, guess I'll be waiting for the next Thief once it comes out!

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this game was pretty cool

i played so many times and never feel bored

honestly, i always try to play 100% of all the things

but it was very difficult

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    • By ounces
      After spending significant time and effort to obtain "DC" screen for 8770w (which is essentially a regular IPS panel with fancy board that converts 8bpc LVDS to 10bpc DP), I have finally got and installed one. All works great, except of the one problem...

      It has pretty bad banding / posterization in lower shadows. I have tried profiling it in different modes (full range, sRGB, rec709) - issue persists, and it indeed shows only in the lowest part of the characteristic curve. Mids and highlights are represented fine and show low deviation from reference values.

      GPU is HP K4000M, Nvidia drivers installed "as it is", video-card is identified without a hitch.
      Banding was not present with the original TN panel using the same GPU.
      While checking a software side, I have noticed that Win10 has bit depth set to 8-bit...

      My initial reaction was, - "Easy, let's change it in `nvidia-settings` and we're all set":

      ...but that would be too easy, right? After selecting 10bpc and clicking "Apply" screen went off and back on, only to show that depth stayed at 8bpc. Repeating the above few times yielded exactly the same result and I'm not in a hurry to meet a cliched (and laymen) definition of insanity.
      Let's check GPU-Z. So far so good, nothing unusual. Notice the highlighted BIOS version and subvendor string:
      Time to delve into other tabs. We are running WDDDM v2.4 which supports GPU dithering, but hey... BIOS version has changed!
      Briefly back to `nvidia-settings` to check what is reported by vendor's own utility:

      So far, we have two strings for BIOS version:
      80.04.5A.00.02 (let's call it an "A") (let's call it a "B")  
      Notice how 2nd one seems to not follow hexademical notation. Lastly, "NVIDIA BIOS" drop-down, reports "A" version:
      ...and monitor section which confirms that rig is indeed capable of 10bpc, but currently running at mere 8bpc:

      Windows "Adapter settings", reports version "B". It's 2019, diversity is a must.

      "NVidia inspector" is of the same opinion:

      Now, let's use some seriously legit tools and check-in exported BIOS file in `nvflash`:

      Here we have two three interesting findings:
      Reported vendor is Dell, not an HP. See this link for details. BIOS version is back to "A". Have I already mentioned diversity? MXM module uses MX25L2005 flash storage in WSON-8 packaging. If things go real nasty, we should be able to rescue a patient via Pomona clip and external programmer.  
      Loading the same file in "Kepler BIOS tweaker" confirms the facts:

      EDID settings, courtesy of NVidia Control Panel. Hex dump can be found at the bottom of this post.
      ...Shall I be worried about "60.02Hz" refresh rate?
      To summarize:
      Why two different BIOS versions are reported? Anything to do with UEFI (e.g. HP is sideloading its own during boot)?.. Why two different vendors reported? As far as I remember, this is branded HP GPU. Where to get "clean" BIOS of K4000M for future experiments? Ideally from 8770w equipped with "DreamColor" panel from a factory.  
      Link to the dumps, BIOS ROM and monitor EDID: https://mega.nz/#F!zGgRmQIL!9q2QFZtHuK2RQ-WHXMA4Mg (also attached to this post)
    • By Blocker35
      Hi guys, bit of a rookie to the whole EGPU scene. Currently I have:
      - MacBook Pro 2015 13inch (3.1GHz Core i7 16GB RAM)
      - Razer X Core 
      - Apple TB3 to TB2 Adapter
      -  TB2 Cable (Cable Matters)
      - 23inch AOC External Monitor
      I am wonder about what graphics card to get to run X-Plane11 with high graphic settings?
      I have purgewrangler set up and ready to use with an AMD graphics card, but am also open to the idea of an Nvidia graphics card.
      Any advice appreciated. I did not buy a Windows PC as I need a Mac for various other things and wanted an all-in-one laptop.
    • By danger007
      Well I am back, sort of.
      Reminder of Stats
      *Alienware M17x R4 (bought June 2012) w/ Intel i7 3720QM@2.6ghz (Ivy Bridge) including the igpu Intel 4000 HD series
      8GB Ram, 17 Inch, SoundBlaster software only Recon 3DI, and the normal stuff that comes with it
      *Graphics Card:  Originally shipped 660m, upgraded to 7970m, 7970m died early, with community help moved to MSI 4GB 680M (flashed to Dell thanks to @svl7) and installed I think 314.xx drivers with help from many (sorry can't remember everyone but notable was @J95), was running 7970m in whatever they called their hybrid drivers, the 680m is run in Optimus)
      *OS:  Windows 7 64bit Service Pack 1
      *Storage:  Msata 1tb Samsung 850 Evo, 2 Hitachi 1TB 7200 rpm 2.5" drives (yes I used all 3 GB or will)
      So what will you read.  What got me started on this project and then using all the resources on the net, from @J95 and legions of others I owe all credit for the project too.  Please note I take no credit, take no rights, this is simply something to help others out based on working with what has already been laid down for us.   Installing the latest Nvidia 417.67 mobile/notebook drivers for a 680m for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 on Alienware M17x R4
      When I got things up and running back in 2016/2017 with the noted people above I saw a new driver and with the STO game having a driver issue I upgraded to it.  Now I didn't notice anything wrong, the game worked and so paid no attention.  When I started to get unable to eject 680m error messages I thought great who got this, ejecting a gpu, wrong.  I then tried the uninstall Intel, Nvidia, use DDU in Safe Mode, disable AV/Firewall, disable driver enforcement, etc then reinstall intel, nvidia (removing certain folders) with the modified inf but now the game said it couldn't find any feature set and wouldn't let me play.  Finally removing the Nvidia drivers allowed at least the iGPU to run the game.  Used Unigine Heaven 4.0 to encounter more errors with Nvidia.
      I moved back to my msata install of windows 7 that I haven't had a chance to work on since 2017 (i know pathetic) that only had system drivers, expired Norton, and not yet registered/activation.  Seems fine.  Tried to run Heaven, same error.  Well after 3 days of trying to duplicate what I had been instructed to do, I finally sat down with a nice big bottle of Fiji Water (courtesy of lovely lady at the Oscars in almost every background pic) and decided I was determined to fix things.   I downloaded the 419.67, copied the nv_dispi.inf & nvdmi.inf to get to work.  After reading the content and using comparisons once again from the noted individuals and the legions of other, I had them modified and decided to give it a try on the clean win 7 install from 2 years ago.  After the uninstall, ddu, deleting folders, copying mod. inf to their directory (also included the change to setup.cfg - credit once again goes to individuals like @J95), gyrxiur, DeathAngel , creator of Notepad++, sora and many others) I was able to launch the Heaven 4.0 Benchmark.  So I am assuming that I have the new 419.67 working on my system.  I did a benchmark of the 680m in 419.67 with unigine Heaven 4 to go with the files I am posting.  Please note the bios was provided by I believe @svl7 (sorry if I got wrong person) and no overclocking of it other than what the changed vbios did.
      I am attaching below the following:
      Nvidia 419.67 modified inf and config - nvdmi.inf, nv_dispi.inf, setup.cfg (no credit to me all credit belongs to others)
      The Unigine benchmark results (txt file).
      Now the shortened legalize warning
      Please remember you are to take all risk when using modified inf files, I take no responsibility (no virus or other dildrus included) if they don't work with your GPU.  The usual.
      This was tested and used on Alienware M17x R4 running the last bios they released A12 or A13 and so it the system bios is not modified at all, the card is a MSI 680m 4Gb flashed vbios to Dell 680m 4GB, and installed in Windows 7 64bit Service Pack 1.  Hopefully if you have only a different card you can make any minor adjustments you need to.  
      Please let me know how they work.  I will also be reporting back on the reinstall on my other laptop install I use to play Neverwinter/ Star Trek Online - was suppose to be a temp solution till new install was finished, and if they worked on it as well.
      Alienware M17x R4 680m 419.67 Mod Inf and Setup and Heaven 4 Benchmark.zip
    • By Kel
      I got the exp gdc beast 8.5 got all the connections right... laptop boots up... fans turn on the gpu.... device manager detects gtx 1060 with a “ ! “ in a yellow triangle. Now what to do.... i tried to do the bios mod.... but realised that i have 3.07 version. 
      1 is there any way to get this done without the mod?? 
      2 if mod is the only way... kindly help me with step by step instruction in laymans terms... i m not a techy... so i might not understand technical terms.... altho i am interested... but learning yet. Please help. 
    • By thechillhacker
      Hello all
      I have a Clevo P370EM3 laptop with a pair of GTX 680Ms in SLI mode and have never been able to get Linux to work properly with full acceleration and without tearing. I have tried every xorg config I can find, and even all the modifications from the nvidia configurator to no avail. Has anyone been able to get these things to work 100% in Linux? I have typically used ubuntu based distros, including Mint, and every available driver version from the repositories, but can never get it to work quite right.
      Thanks for any help anyone can provide. It is killing me to run Windows on this machine because of these issues, and I am almost to the point of installing the inferior 7970 cards.
      Have a great day

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