Flashing BIOS and how to restore 7720. BIOS recovery procedure Take the file with unmodified BIOS of the same version that the flying. 1. Find the USB-flash the old model, no more than 2GB. 2. Format the flash drive in FAT (NOT in FAT32). 3. Run the downloaded file type "7720AHH.exe." At a time when the installer crashes or begins to ask other questions on what does not respond, go to the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc), in the "Processes" tab to select «sctWinFlash32.exe», right-click to select the "place file storage, "go there, there will be fully unpack. 4. We take from the extracted archive and copy to the root of our flash files and bios.cap dosflash.exe. 5. Turn off the laptop 6. Disconnect the power plug from the laptop, leaving the power supply into the power socket 7. Insert the flash drive into the left next to us USB port 8. Hold the key End, We connect the power plug, release the key End. Laptop turns on, coolers earn at full capacity, and a few seconds to start flashing. Touch anything not necessary. When finished, the laptop will boot normally. Flash BIOS mod if laptop is not defective. It is important to understand that, if you have a Windows 7, it can be sewn on the two methods described below, if Windows 8 - is just the latest of two ways. Under Windows 7. Instruction applies to both modes, and the firmware "native» BIOS. Download archive with the mod, extract in a separate directory. Next, you need to disable the network adapter in Device Manager or Network Center (both wire and WiFi), autorun antivirus startup programs and applications. It is important to state that the security software is not monitored system. Then turn off the laptop and turn it to start without a network, anti-virus, firewall and other software to autostart, clean system. Before flashing mode, make sure that you have the same BIOS version as the mod. If not - please "own" the appropriate version. Sews: Restart, F2, set the Boot List Option - Legacy. Go to the package directory, run from the menu "Start» cmd.exe in administrator mode and type in a black box, hands flash.bat Important! After the firmware is not to restart the PC, and turn off and turn it on. F2, Boot List Option - return as it was. Then - back all you like. Wındows 8 & Windows 7 (only with a bootable USB drive DOS) 1. Find the USB-flash the old model, no more than 4GB. 2. Download archive with the mod and everything attached to it (if any), extract it to a folder on the HDD. 3. Format the flash drive as a bootable DOS using the contents of a folder Bootable_USB_Drive_Creator. Dumped into the root of the stick contents, only 4 files. a. bios.ROM b. flash.bat c. fparts.txt d. fpt.exe 4. before flashing to enter the BIOS and set the Boot List Option - Legacy. 5. Boot from USB drive through F12, perform flash.bat. 6. After the procedure, do not reboot the machine, and turn off and then turn it.
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