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NVIDIA Kepler VBIOS mods - Overclocking Editions, modified clocks, voltage tweaks

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Le 07/04/2017 à 13h44, Klem a déclaré:


donc si j ai bien compris il me faut cinq message pour pouvoir  profiter


je ne comprend pas pouquoi ca pouce a faire cinq message pour rien

Le 07/04/2017 à 13h44, Klem a déclaré:

aller encore deux


plus qu un 

On 07/04/2017 at 1:44 PM, Klem said:



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Le 07/04/2017 à 13h44, Klem a déclaré:



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Posted (edited)

edit: NVM, no longer necessary, my card just behaves strangely, if custom Nvidia vbioses make your clocks stay low try to dump the vbios with GPU-Z after flashing it, 3d clocks will begin to work correctly after you power off the device normally, then power it back on.

It's an odd solution, but before this my card was capped at 75w despite the BIOS specifying 115w.

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no longer need the request fulfilled, solution detailed.

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Hello Please can anybody help me to mod the GPU Standard Boost Clock from 745 to 1000GHZ. I have tested with MSI Afterburner it works good with 1150GHZ. But i will not use MSI Afterburner, i will use MSI only if the is needing.

Set GPU Boost Clock with latest KeplerBiosTweaker or MaxwellBiosTweaker is not working.

Please help.


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Hey all, I am currently working on stuffing an Nvidia 880M into an ASUS G75VW. I have the case modded to accommodate the card. The issue I am having is finding the correct vBIOS for it. Since the 75 has a different mobo than the 750 with the GTX880M, is there a way to flash only the vBIOS for the GPU into my existing BIOS? Has anyone ever done anything like this?

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Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum :whistle: I've got an old dell precision M4800 witch Nvidia K2100M, I've done some OC but the problem is 135mhz lim I can't  bypass it :ohmy: How to unlock it ? Klem could you help me



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    • By yussuaif
      Would really like some help with this.
      I Have a HP 8770W Elitebook Workstation.
      its powered by an Intel Core i7-3630QM, 32GB RAM and an Nvidia Quadro K4000M.
      the Quadro's stock clock is 600 MHz- Core/ 700 MHz- Memory.
      its currently overclocked 736 MHz (+135 MHz)- Core/ 1050 MHz (+750 MHz)/ 1100 MHz (+800 MHz)- Memory.
      The GPU temps stay fairly decent in summer ( between 70-75 Degrees Celsius) while loaded and CPU around 5 degrees higher. In winter the drop to the mid/high 60's so i believe there is still some space there to push it a bit harder.
      The problem is nor Nvidia Inspector nor MSI Afterburner  allow me to overclock the core over 135 MHz, the memory i know is maxed out because anything over just bugs out.
      Is there anything i can do that would allow me to go over that threshold of 135 MHz.

    • By xgmultani
      HI MOD AND FELLOWS , can some buddy help me to modify my gtx 980m 8gb samsung custom vbios with voltage and core clock unlock ? i have found vbios with dell but i am using msi so i dont think dell vbios works here .

      i7 6820hk
      16 gb
      240w dell charger
      980m 8 gb

      Orignal file uploaded .

      i ll pay in crypto if someone help me out . Thanks

      bios ver :
    • By JChristian
      My issue: one of the two 680M GPUs started displaying an "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)". My hardware: Clevo P37EM / Sager NP9370 My OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB x64   I keep the OS always up-to-date (Windows LTSB only ships security and fix updates). I also have very few softwares installed. Basically, my computer was working normally, but today I was playing Overwatch (which I always play) and after some hours, I suddenly heard a Windows beep, the game froze and the computer restarted. When I was back at the desktop, I noticed the resolution was not right and then I opened the Device Manager to see that one of the 680M was giving a Error Code 43. Both GPUs appear on my BIOS setup, the BIOS correctly identifies them as 680M.   I found it strange, so I check my GPU VBIOS and noticed something odd, one of them was at and the other was at (I get these drivers here). I know for a fact that since some older NVIDIA Driver, the VBIOS must be or else I got some errors on this SAGER model, so I flash 33 on both a while back. I then proceeded to flash the correct version again. When I run DDU I notice it only detects the VBIOS version for one of the GPUs, the other one doesn't show the VBIOS version. My results are:   NV Driver 398.36   ROM 33 PCI BUS 2 working PCI BUS 1 error code 43   ROM 67 PCI BUS 2 working PCI BUS 1 error code 43     NV Driver 391.35   ROM 33 PCI BUS 2 working PCI BUS 1 error code 43   ROM 67 PCI BUS 2 working PCI BUS 1 error code 43     Can a Nvidia update or Windows update brick a GPU? How can I know if it's a software or hardware issue? I'm afraid that one GPU died as I don't have the money to replace it now and it would be difficult to find a spare new 680M (which is now old hardware) where I live. I'm panicking a little...
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      Hey guys whats going on? I have an M17X R3, been running the 780M perfectly fine for about 7 months now. I've updated the driver once before, but it seems I'm having problems with all of the latest releases. Whats happening is when I download the latest driver, I run the setup so the 398.36 folder gets saved on my computer. Well thats what is NOT happening. Every time I run it, I see the folder pop up, but once the Nvidia downloader fails (as it should), the 398.36 folder disappears! I cant figure out how to make it stay there permanent! I've disabled driver signing and everything. Any suggestions?

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