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Hello everyone! I am looking for an answer to a problem I cannot find a solution to ... I purchased an Amd wx 4150 MXM GPU module su e bay to upgrade my HP 8570W Mobile Workstation which is currently equipped with a Fire Pro M4000. Once the new GPU has been installed, the PC screen no longer turns on but works only with external monitors connected via the docking station. The same happens once the drivers are updated! If I put the old card back on, the integrated monitor starts working again ... How can I fix it?

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Maybe the 4150 has a DELL VBIOS.?

Well, I bought an AMD 7150 for HP Servers and - as expected - it cannot drive external monitors of my Dell 7200. Well, this laptop can use the Intel-Graphics for output, so if I use this, it is OK. Well there is no HDMI Audio on the Intel Graphics and all newer 5.1 amplifiers don't have analog inputs anymore so I cannot have 5.1 audio on new receivers. But so what? I have always had problems with HDMI-Audio on Nvidia GPUs for many years until they fixed this bug for Linux, so I bought a 10 years old 5.1 amplifier with analog input, which I can drive using a USB soundcard.

My impression: technology is not longer evolving. The companies just dump tons of new chips on the market, which finally are not well supported and ALL new laptops, I bought during the last 10 years does have new problems and even more problems then the previous model.

I remember, that on some Laptops I switched GPUS, there were two screen connectors on the mainboard. Don't know weather it was HP or DELL. Maybe if you open the laptop the next time, search for the display cable that comes from the screen and look, if there is maybe a second equally sized connector for it on the mainboard. If so, there is a minimal chance, that this will work...

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