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Please DELETE this POST

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    • By MaiTheLord
      Please DELETE this POST
    • By №1 Toxic Shitter
      I've flashed an MSI 1.025V unlocked OC Edition VBIOS a long time ago. Recently I've ran into what appear to be power delivery issues when both CPU and GPU are stressed and decided to flash a 1V unlocked VBIOS instead. I wasn't paying attention(despite filesizes clearly being vastly different) and flashed a Clevo GTX680M vbios on my MSI card. It's now bricked. My system turns on, the fans and lights work but I can't get into DOS/Windows. It works fine once I remove the bricked GPU. I'm following Prema's guide for blindflashing, except that instead of trying to get into Windows I've made a DOS bootflash with an autoexec file and Nvflash. From what I understand I need to bridge pins 1 and 4 on my VBIOS chip to pass boot. The problem is that my gpu and vbios chip look like this. The VBIOS pins are almost completely shrouded. Either I'm screwed and completely unable to access the pins OR I'm doing something wrong OR the tweezers/screwdrivers I'm using don't conduct well enough to properly bridge the pins OR my GPU is hardbricked. Can anybody give me some insight on what to do next? If I'm out of options I will take it to a service centre.
      As a sidenote, I currently have to run my laptop without the dGPU and my fans are stuck at 100% RPM all the time even when the system is completely idle. It's like a vacuum cleaner right next to me. Any way to fix that while my GPU is bricked?
      Edit: I've fixed it, just had to use different tweezers. I'm sorry for cluttering the forum, delete this if possible.
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