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GPU problem on old Clevo p151sm-a?

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Hi all,


New user here, I’m running on a problem on my ~6 years old Clevo p151sm-a (with a GTX 880M + 32gb RAM) running windows 10.


First problem happened the other day while playing a relatively heavy graphics game. After a 2-3h playing, the status led lock indicators (caps, numbers…) started blinking, the fans went max speed and 10-20s after the laptop shuts down. I’ve read something similar, but in almost all the cases there was beeping, and that’s never been the case for me. Note that I played this game before for hundreds of hours, so it’s not the game itself.


Since then, every time I open the game the same problem happens.

I tried several things:

  • Same thing happens if I run the game while I disable the nvidia gtx using the device manager (forcing the game to run on the integrated intel gpu), so I guess that rules out the graphics card?
  • I can trigger the same problem by opening the Nvidia control panel (you know, the one with the nvidia “eye” rotating animation)
  • I also can trigger the blinking+restart by disabling BOTH the nvidia and the intel graphic cards on the device manager (the display turns low res and then it starts).
  • I noticed that before the led blinking, an indicator led switches on. Looking on the motherboard manual, this led is labelled as dGPU_PWR_EN
  • I opened the case and everything looks pretty normal. I tried to clean everything but nothing changed.


Note that once the laptop shuts down, I have to remove the battery before powering it on again, otherwise the problem starts at soon as I log in in windows.

Any clue/advice?

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What you have happening is the EC BIOS shutting the system down to protect it from a failure at the "critical" level.  That failure level can be triggered by various different problems.  When you have a fan fail, the status lights on the side corresponding to the fans location will blink, along with the beep sounding, and then within a short time (I believe it is a 10 second count)  The EC will cut the power to the system. But that is a fan failure, detected by the lack of a Tachometer signal.  If the CPU or GPU are not reporting their own temperatures correctly, or at all, the EC will blink all three lights, and then shut down...  the presence of beeping during this has been variable in my experience, sometimes beeping, sometimes no beeping.  The main theme, though, is that the EC is in panic mode, and is protecting the computer the only way it know how to, and that's to shut down all power, and the EC only truly powers down when the battery and AC are both removed.


The few routes of testing that are available, are trying a different CPU, trying a different GPU, Re-flashing the System BIOS the EC BIOS and the ME BIOS to the newest available, or having the Mobo replaced..   not fun. 


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