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5.1 Speaker installation in my R2?

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Huhu :)

First of all: I had bday.

:Banane13:I'd got an impressive and confusing 5.1 System by Teufel!! :D (exactly this, yes)

Well: Confusing 'cause the Center and the Front Left one Speaker won't work.

Do i MUST have an extra soundcard to get it all work?

And why seemed it to be?

I'm really new to this.. before i had only 2.1 but i want to get a class higher so please recommend what to do here :)

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No, you can get it working. Do you have the proper cables to connect the R2 with the 5.1 control unit? Looking at your system you're going to need TRS to RCA cables, three of thlm to be exactly, each with stereo TRS jack to dual RCA jack.

Something like this:


Then you can connect your two headphone jacks and the microphone jack with the control unit of the 5.1 system and use the IDT control panel on your M17x to configure the output to 5.1.

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Lets talk German! :)

Also: Ich würde des ja gern mit der Controlstation 2 verbinden.

Von der Controlstation aus müssen welche Kabel in welche Buchse wohin verleitet werden?

Von 5.1 Out in den Subwoofer, oder von Aux 1/2/3 in den Subwoofer?

Zur verfügung hab ich hier 3x Weiß/ Rot zu Weiß/ Rot, 3x Weiß/ Rot zu 3,5mm Klinke und 1x 3,5mm Klinke zu 3,5mm Klinke.

Edit: Mit direktem Anschluss von R/ W zu 3,5mm in den 3 Laptopanschlüssen und automatischer Erkennung der IDT Software kommt kein Ton raus.

Erst wenn ich die Buchsen neu definiere und zwar ALLE zu normalen Kopfhörern hab ich außer dem Center Satteliten Sound. 4.1 System, super..

Interessiere mich trotzdem wie ich das nun mit der Controlstation 2 angeschlossen bekomme.

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No, sorry, that's an English-speaking forum, at the very least you need to post an English translation to your post, else the other users can't understand a single word.

Check the back of the "ControlStation 2", there's an input section caled "Aux in 1", that's where you need to connect your M17x R2 with the 5.1 system. The section called "5.1 out" is the output of the control station (quite self-explanatory), that's where you need to connect all the different speakers.

You need three of the cables I posted above for connecting your notebook the the control unit, in addition to this you need six RCA cables to connect the speakers with the control unit. Looking at the link you posted you should already have all the cables you need.

There's a drop-down menu in IDT which allows you to choose 5.1 sound, the microphone jack and headphone jacks will be configured as 5.1 output, on the right side of the IDT panel you can see how exactly the channels are corresponding with the three different jacks.

By using the "test speakers" feature of IDT you can easily verify whether you connected all the stuff in the proper order.

And to clarify this one more time, all the 6 speakers must be connected to "5.1 out" and all the cables coming from the M17x R2 must be connected with "Aux in 1". Else you won't get 5.1 sound.

Summary in German:

So wies aussieht sollten eigentlich alle Kabel schon dabei sein, also einfach alles zusammenstecken, so wie es passt... ist ganz einfach. Die Klinken zu Cinch Kabel verbinden den M17x R2 mit der ControlStation, und zwar per "Aux in 1", und dann die Lautsprecher mit dem "5.1 out" verbinden.

Du musst halt im IDT nachsehen, welche Klinkenbuchse welchem 5.1 Kanal entspricht. Dazu einfach auf der linken Seite "Speakers/Headphones" auswählen, dann "Setup" und dann bei "Lautsprecherkonfiguration" im Drop-down Menu 5.1 auswählen. Auf der rechten Seite wird dann angezeigt wie es mit den Kanälen steht. Dann kannst du immer noch auf "Lautsprecher testen" drücken, dann findest du schnell heraus, ob die Lautsprecher korrekt angesteurt werden.

M17x [Kophörer1, Kophörer2, Mikrofon] => [Aux in 1 (6x Cinch)] [5.1 out] => [Lautsprecher (incl. Sub)]

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Youre right. Its an english forum and im Sorry for that. :)

Okay: I exactly did what you said.. but its weird!

When i set it to "5.1" in IDT Software, only sound from the 2 Front ones. Tested with Zune.*

But with forcing to "Headphones" i have Sound, except the Center. Frustrating INCOMING!!

You said something about that Microphone Input, or? Else: Why I cant change it to.. Headphones or something?

E: *I mean: With "5.1" in the Speaker Configuration i tested a Song with Zune and only this 2 Front Speaker were playing.

In this "Speaker testing" in the Software, except the Center everything sounds.

How can i force it?

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Well, I'm not exactly sure about the capabilities of your sound system, but unless it converts stereo signals to 5.1 sound it is totally normal that only two speakers are active when listening to a normal audio file.

You say if you use the speakers testing feature you can hear all the surround speakers and the sub, but not the center? Weird, this means five out of six signals are working fine, and since each jack at the M17x is responsible for two channels it is very unlikely that the problem is caused by the notebook. I'd recheck all the cables, especially the ones going from the control station to the speakers and make sure they're connected with the proper jack of the control unit. Also make sure you set your control unit to 5.1 and not 5.0, there's a switch on the back.

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Its done. Well the Contact was too short, so the Center wasnt working.

But I have one little Question: Why it seemed to be that at the "Control Station 2" at switch to 5.1 there's much less Bass than at 5.0

Anyone can explain me why? I know: Subwoofer works perfectly!

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Perhaps the increased bass on 5.0 vs 5.1 is due to in 5.0 you may be putting all the bass out through the five speakers vs only the sub. It may in 5.1 mode filter all bass from the other speakers below 200-100hz...

If I set my 7.1 channel reciever to not use a sub (I use an extra amp and floor standing speakers for my sub) the audio sounds more full and deep because the 7 speakers are outputting even sub 200hz frequencies.

Another thing could be this... You may still be playing non full 5.1 audio and again that could make bass come out of the rest of the speakers in 5.0 and only the sub in 5.1... Perhaps due to how your unit decodes... Maybe stereo audio will sound deeper in 5.0 vs 5.1 since maybe it's not filtering the bass to the sub in 5.1 from stereo input.

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