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M17x R3 GPU options

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Hi I am finally getting around to trying to replacing my dead 6970m in my laptop. I have been looking around and I see there are a lot of GPU upgrade options to do. I would like to have a pretty much plug and play with the current amd heat sink option if that is possible. Switching over to an nvidia card seems to have extra steps needed with new x-bracket and maybe different heat sink. I haven't kept up on laptop gaming for a few years now and just want to get back in to playing on my machine.


is the 7970m the best option still for AMD or is there a better one out now?

It looks like ebay is the pretty standard for these cards is there any where else that is crazy high price to buy from?


I'm still on windows 7, if that helps anything



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Upgraded to 7970m and run into problems (briked laptop). Looks like th 7970m is not working with the outdated CPU of the Alienware xR3 and what I have was the latest CPU on the market in that time.

If you try N-Vidia than you'll have to fight modified drivers and other requirements and even if you suceed, in the end the upgrade will not let you play the latest games on the market in a satisfactory manner so in my opinion will not be a well spend dolar :(.


in my opinion it's not anymore feasable to upgrade that old model except if you can find an external video option.



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