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Need More Processing Power

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I have sequencing analyses that I need to do for my Uni program, it takes forever even on a RAM-maxed i7-3.7Ghz 8core hyperthreaded. How hard would it be to connect a few Ryzens and have jobs slit up among 24+ cores?

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Well if you are really on a budget and only need to do this for sequencing you could get a Dual CPU motherboard (88 dollar) and have two 12 core Xeon processors (66 dollar) do the job with 24 cores and 48 threads. But do check it's the correct cpu socket versions so you get the right board.

Intel Xeon E5 2658 V3 ES QEYP 2.0Ghz 105W 30MB 12Core24Threads LGA2011-3 CPU



Dell Motherboard Poweredge C8220 Dual LGA2011 083N0



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