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If i have put this discussion to wrong area, please move it to right place.

I read about it is possible to upgrade gpu to GTX 965m, so i decided to try out.

I have small success but also some things where i need help.

After gpu installation, windows will boot up without drivers and without screen backlight.


I tried to mod INF-file but seems like i did not succeed there.

Nvidia driver installation says "not compatible with this version of windows" and it will not continue installation.


Nvidia geforce driver version: 431.60

Windows 10 64bit - V1903


From device manager, "Microsoft basic display adapter":







INF-mods i did for "nvbli" and "nvhmi" as below:

%NVIDIA_DEV.1427.176B.103C% = Section037, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1427&SUBSYS_176B103C


NVIDIA_DEV.1427.176B.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M"


I do not clearly understand "section###" what it should be?


Even i can not see from screen anything, i can access remotely to pc so i can make needed changes easily.


All help is appreciated!

Please let me know what need to be done.


If INF-mods are wrong please help me out with them.



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I can help, most likely. First and foremost if you double checked everything, and it looks like you did, it's likely that's not the problem. I notice you have OS build 1903. That build is known to be especially aggressive with installing drivers from default. 


See, they don't explain why in the installers, but one thing that most people don't know about, especially used in 1903 are the newer, DCH drivers. These DCH drivers are a different type, and once installed, you cannot go back to INF drivers manually. Here's what you want to do.


Step 1: Use the Windows (7) Back Up Tool to back up your version of Windows. This is technically optional, but important just in case, especially if anything important is on there.


Step 2: Download Device Driver Uninstaller, latest version. It NEEDS to be latest.


Step 3: Use by rebooting into safe mode, remove Nvidia driver history from your system.


Step 4: Boot up Windows, and IMMEDIATELY put wifi to airplane mode, then restart as usual to get to disable signature for modded installs.


Step 5: Enter Windows, then again, MAKE SURE that airplane mode is enabled. This prevents it from installing ANOTHER DCH driver.


Step 6: Install driver normally.


I ran into this issue when building one of my newest devices. Give that a try. "Not compatible with your version of Windows" is the error when INF drivers are attempted to be installed over DCH drivers. Should fix it, if that's the issue. =)

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