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GTX1070 in Clevo P157SM isn't utilized

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Imgur album with GPU-Z/Task Manager screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/OE3bryg


I received a GTX1070 card today and am having some issues getting it to be utilized by my laptop (Clevo P157SM).

I have installed NVIDIA 417.71 drivers with modified INF file and device manager detects the card as installed with those drivers, Task manager and GPU-Z all detect the card with those drivers as well. However, whenever I try to make my computer use the GPU in any way, my laptop uses the Intel Integrated GPU instead.

For example, when I run the render test on GPU-Z, it puts full load on the intel GPU and does not use the GTX1070. Same for when I try to launch a game, it only shows the Intel GPU. The only time I see the GTX1070 have any load is immediately after I open GPU-Z, I can see in the GPU-Z sensors right at the start the GTX1070 clock is 1443MHz but soon it goes back to the idle clock.

This GTX1070 is very similar to a GTX1060 I bought which worked fine immediately after I installed the NVIDIA drivers with modified INF file, so I am not sure why this one is having issues.

I also tried the same things with NVIDIA 391.35 version drivers to see if older drivers fixed anything, no difference. I have also gone into NVIDIA control panel to force GPU-Z and games to use the NVIDIA GPU, but it still behaves this way.

Does anyone know what could fix this? Thank you!

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