How to Fix Dell Printer Error 009-654?

Generally, in most of the event, this 009-654 mistake code may be fixed only turning the Dell printer and off. However, in many Cases, it needs other actions to perform so as to resolve this problem. Follow the steps given below:
• firstly turn the printer system off and forth.
• in the event, the matter yields, install and remove the Belt Unit / Transfer Belt.
• Now reset entire four capsules and check whether the error code 009-654 returns.
• If the error returns, then print a contamination check report:
- Only power the printer of the system.
- Now close all printer doors and covers.
- Today hold down the down and up arrow buttons, to the printer and power the printer on.
- Currently, release your fingers from the buttons when the message Diagnosing... displays. Customer Mode and ESS Diag appear.
- Today press the Down arrow until Evaluation Print press and displays the Confirm Mark.
- Currently, press the arrow until Contamination Chk looks and tap the Confirm Mark double click.
The LCD Shows Busy as the Contaminationchk pages publish].

• If all four webpages seem ordinary, then Do the following:

- Firstly run diagnostics on the analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) sensor.
- Now power off the printer system.
- Now hold up the down and up arrow buttons on the printer system and power on the printer.
Customer Mode menu exhibits.
- Now press the arrow button until IOT Diag shows, then press the test mark. Digital Input
Shows.   - Currently press the arrow button until Digital Output shows, and then press the check mark.
- Now press the arrow button until DO-37 EXEC screens and also a clicking noise should be heard.
- Currently, press the Cancel button. DO-37 Ready shows.
- Now power off the printer and then back on.
Play the steps mentioned above and if you face any difficulty and unable to resolve the error code 009-654
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