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MIke Miller

How to Solve the 5400 or E26 Error Message on Canon Printers

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How to Solve the 5400 or E26 Error Message on Canon Printers

Learn how to eradicate the 5400 or E26 error message from your Canon printers by following the steps described in this post.

Canon printers are one of the best printers on the market, they give quality work and have a significantly high page yield.  Some printer can use the same model of ink cartridges from three previous generations.Printers from this manufacturer have caught our attention as Canon printer support phone number printer technicians because of the high sale rate.

In fact, Canon printer tech support phone number decide to study them and check what are the most common error and how to find a solution. Canon printer technical support number are going to focus on the Canon Pixma series especially the ones using the PG210 and PG211 ink cartridges.

When using a refill ink cartridge sometime the printer connectors are not able to recognize the ink cartridge connectors, to fix this situation you will have to clean the ink cartridge connector with a napkin and put it back in the printer.

Here are the Possible Solutions for the 5400 or E26 Error Code on Canon printers:

Before you begin any restoring procedure, please disconnect the printer power cable for about 10 minutes before starting the process.
Leaving the printer disconnect for about 10 minutes will keep it from processing data and make it cool down. When theprinter connectors are not overheating anymore it will be able to recognize the ink cartridge, this is one of the solutions.

Another possible solution is cleaning the contacts on the printer and on the ink cartridges.
the ink cartridge 22.


ink cartridge 22 tricolor

Like we said before, this error message could also appear after refilling an ink cartridge: they could be filling the contacts up with ink. If this is the case, you can fix this problem by cleaning the printhead.


printer conector clear

You should also consider cleaning the contacts on the actual printer with a small napkin that has been dipped in alcohol; it will dry up in no time. We DO NOT recommend you using water it can cause short circuits and burn the contacts on your ink cartridges.
Another possible fix for the 5400 or E26 error message:

Below we will give you a step by steps procedure in how to restore the E26 error. We have already tested on different Canon printers with the same issues and it worked, the error was removed.

Procedure to Restore the 5400 or E26 Error Message on Canon printers:

1. Turn your Canon printer off.
2. Press the Menu button, if you happen to have one.
3. Press the Scan / Copy / Scan keys in that order. You will now gain access to the Administrator Menu.
4. Once inside this menu, choose the NYRAM ACCESS option.
5. Select ABS-M Level 0.
6. Then, select the ABS-P Level 0 option.
7. Finally, press the Stop key to exit.'

Please Give a single call if you have any question and Canon printer support phone team will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

More info: https://bit.ly/2WFhx38 & Contact us:+1-844-307-3636

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