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Alienware m17x R4 gtx1070 upgrade Successfull

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I added this post in the another forum a few months ago but felt like it could also help someone here, enjoy... So ive owned quite a few Alienware laptops but out of all of them my favorite has always been the great m17x R4. I love its aggressive looks, its lines and grills remind me of lamborgini design, the 1 glass sheet screen, the media keys looked futuristic and its laser etched name plate added a touch of personalization and attention to detail that they used to have.
So considering it still has powerful specs for modern standards, i7 processors, 32gb ram, 2ssd and 1msata slots, 120hz 3D display, mxm slot, sd card reader, I couldn't help but to sell my 2 current laptops (15 R1 980m, 4k, 15 R3 1060) and purchase a pristine example of this machine with all its original packaging to upgrade it up to todays specs.
The Original Specs of this particular system were:
 * Intel i7 3820qm 2.7ghz / 3.7ghz
 * Nvidia GTX680m 2gb
 * 8gb DDR3 RAM 1600mhz CL11
 * 250gb Samsung 840pro SSD
 * 1tb Seagate Momentum HDD
 * 17" 1080p 120hz 3D display
Desired Upgrades:
 * Intel i7 3940mx 3.0ghz / 3.9ghz
 * Nvidia GTX 1070 8gb
 * 32gb DDR3 Ram 1600 CL10 Corsair
 * 1tb Samsung 860 EVO SSD
 * Liquid Metal and better thermal pads
 2019 Specs:
* Intel i7 3940mx 3.0ghz / 3.9ghz
 * Zotac GTX 1070mxm 8gb
 * 32gb DDR3 Ram 1866 CL9 Corsair Vengeance
 * 1tb Samsung 860 Evo SSD
 * 256gb Samsung 840 Pro SSD
 * Liquid Metal and Fujipoly 17w/mk thermal pads
 * 17.3" 1080p 120hz 3D display
I already purchased the GTX 1070 mxm, 32gb RAM and the 1tb SSD.
The GTX1070 is installed and working at its full power. I applied Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal thermal compound to both CPU and GPU and Fujipoly ultra extreme 17.0 W/mK thermal pads with my modified GPU heatsink and new X-bracket. CPU is overclocked from OEM BIOS to stage1    4.1ghz  3.9ghz 4cores. No chasis or board was cut or damaged during this process as I wanted to keep its integrity and no throttle issues what so ever. As I already had the 120hz edp screen, it was an easier job to do and thanks to @Striker123 and to @D4ddy for their threads as they made me have the guts to go through the project and to Rick for selling me this perfect example of a computer.
Alienware m17x r4 1070 mxm
Alienware m17 Ranger 1070 mxm
Here are some before and after benchmarks so you can see this baby flying ;)
let me know what you think about these numbers...
I will be uploading more pictures soon as it only lets me upload 5. If you guys have any questions id be glad to help out.
current issues:
   - the GPU fan does not automatically work so I have to use HWinfo to manually build the fan table but HWinfo sucks balls at this and doesn't start them automatically either, also with HWinfo I take control of both CPU and GPU fans at the same time and sometimes I just want my CPU fan to be spinning. so if someone has a fix for this man that would be great!

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GTX 680m Heatsink modding in 4 spots to fit the GTX 1070.
These are the different sizes I had to use and the high temp electrical tape can be seen on the GPU as a secondary measure on top of the conformal 1905273064_thermalpads.thumb.jpg.ede640dfd41257361044ced0cbcb6344.jpg
Liquid metal about to be applied to CPU and heatsink.  MG chemicals Silicone conformal Coating applied to CPU and GPU PCB boards to avoid short circuit. 

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Very epic my dude. I'm rocking the exact same build with the added addition of replacing the black layout for the nebula red one. I also have a 3 copper heatsink for the cpu, paired with the m14x fan and liquid metal my cpu runs at 4.5 ghz. Unfortunately after 1-5 minutes it clocks down to 3.9~4.0, even though the temps are between the 80-85 which is perfectly acceptable.


I have no clue why your gpu fan doesn't work properly though. The only explanation that I can think of is because you might need the unlocked bios for that, which I have. 

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It's great to see people still rocking these machines. I wish I could get them to work in my M18x R2. My 780M's are getting a little long in the tooth and I hate to let the old girl go. 

Awesome job!

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Hi, one question I am going to try to update my alienware m17x r4 to a gtx 1060 from an ati 7970. There is one thing that is not clear to me, buy a screen of 120hz 3d second-hand, but it is necessary that I buy an EDP cable or on the contrary the cable that brings the screen serves me ?. A greeting and sorry for my English I am using a translator. A greeting.

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Excuse me, another question, it is very different to install a 1070 of a 1060 ?, and another thing how much you cost the 1070 ?, there is much difference in price between one and the other ?. a greeting

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