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Cheap but better hosting provider with more resources

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I have a website (actually a website of my client) and it is hosted at Godaddy. But I have problems with Godaddy hosting. The first problem is that it is very costly for me, secondly, with a little traffic it starts doing the problem and gives a message of exceeding resources. 


Moreover, I have a folder which has a lot of images, and it also gives an error when more images are added automatically by a cache plugin. 


A few more problems as well. 


I am looking for a host where I can host the website of my client. I am looking for a hosting where I can host at least 5 websites in $3-$4 per month. Moreover, the hosting provider must not have a limit on file count or inode usage limit. Also, there should be at least 512 MB PHP memory limit. 


If anyone has any recommendation based on their personal experience, kindly let me know.



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